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5 Furniture Collection Pieces for your Living Room

Arranging your living room furniture can be a daunting task, but with the right pieces, it can be a breeze. In this blog post, we will discuss 5 furniture collection pieces that can help you create the perfect layout for your space.

Amalia High Gloss TV Stand

High gloss is constantly becoming a popular choice for choosing furniture, and this TV stand is no different. The Amalia wide TV stand is a modern piece of furniture with a sleek design and high gloss lacquer finish. It is easy to clean and creates a contemporary living space when paired with other pieces from the collection. The Amalia range includes sideboards, storage cabinets, display cases, TV consoles, and coffee tables, all in pristine white high gloss.

These pieces together give a chic, modern art gallery vibe. The Amalia collection offers a modern take on furniture design with its clean lines and versatile storage options. This TV stand epitomises sleek, contemporary style.

Isla Assembled 3 Doors Sideboard

Isla 122cm Assembled TV Stand in Rustical Wood

Isla is a collection of furniture for modern living and dining spaces. This 3 door Sideboard blends uses solid oak stained in deep espresso or soft eggshell. The collection combines muted oak fronts with black accents for a sophisticated look.

The pieces have traditional and modern shapes with clean lines and no ornate details. Isla furniture brings together the past and present for a versatile, timeless collection.

Gino 2 Doors Display Cabinet

Gino 2 Doors Display Cabinet in Solid Oak

The Gino 2 doors Display Cabinet is a stunning and elegant piece of furniture made from solid oak wood with unique black-painted decor. It has a spacious display area with a glazed top section and ample storage space behind two doors.

The cabinet can fit into any home decor style and can be placed in the living room, dining area, or entryway. It provides both beautiful and functional storage while enhancing interior design with its solid oak craftsmanship and black-painted details.

Bento Side Cabinet
Bento Side Cabinet in Dark Grey and Oak finish with LED lights

This Bento Side Cabinet is made from oak wood with a Dark Grey finish, featuring a simple and elegant design. The pieces focus on the beauty of wood grain and grey tones, blending well with different decor styles. This collection has a timeless appeal and is perfect for open spaces.

The furniture is modern and elegant with clean lines, creating a soothing vibe. The Bento collection stands out for its balance of elegance and modernity. It is not flashy but interesting, perfect for those who appreciate simple sophistication.

Atlanta Wood Wall Composition

Atlanta II coffee table in various wood option

The Atlanta TV Wall Unit is a versatile piece made of solid oak with ample storage space. Its design adds architectural interest to any room. The wood grain patterns and oak finish complement both traditional and contemporary spaces. Wood is a timeless material with enduring appeal and versatility. The TV cabinet highlights the beauty and high-quality construction of solid oak.

Its warm tones and organic texture complement any space while providing functional storage. Crafted from solid oak with a warm finish, the TV cabinet exudes timeless elegance and offers plenty of storage space. The beautiful wood grain patterns and finish complement various decor styles. The classic style of the Atlanta TV cabinet complements any space while providing functional storage.

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Is High Gloss Furniture in Style? Interior Designers Say Yes

Sleek and modern high gloss furniture has been a staple in homes for years. But when it comes to interior design, trends come and go. We’re asking the question: is high gloss furniture in style, or has it had its day? Spoiler alert: we say it’s very much still in, and we’ll explain why as we delve into the resurgence in popularity of high gloss furniture and reveal how you can use it to style your home.

The appeal of high gloss furniture

The shiny surface of high gloss furniture reflects light, creating a sense of brightness and space in any room, which is particularly useful in smaller spaces. The materials used to give this furniture its characteristic shine are the very same ones that make it resistant to scratches and stains, making it perfect for high-traffic areas in busy, modern homes.

Current trends in high gloss furniture

High gloss furniture has remained a consistent choice for those wanting a modern look in their homes. In a departure from the standard white and black matching sets, designers have more recently paired vibrant shades to add a pop of colour to an otherwise ordinary room. Create a focal point in a minimalist space with a bold piece of high gloss furniture, or tone it down with softer shades.

Another trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere is the pairing of high gloss furniture with matt or textured surfaces to create an interesting and sophisticated contrast in a room. Pair a high gloss table with matt chairs, or a high gloss coffee table on a beautiful textured rug. For ease and style, why not purchase a single piece of furniture that incorporates both matt and high gloss features?

So, is high gloss furniture in style?

The answer is a resounding yes from us. High gloss furniture continues to be a popular choice for homes due to its modern look, durability and versatility. Elevate your home interior with a high gloss item – shop our high gloss furniture now.


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7 Home Decor Trends That Will Be Huge in 2022

2022 is already here, and if you’re planning any home renovation projects this year, it might be a good idea to get familiar with the latest decor trends. While your needs and preferences are of the utmost importance, it’s always inspiring to look at what other people are doing. Doesn’t matter if you are considering minor refreshing repairs or a full-fledged makeover. You will undoubtedly find several exciting ideas to put on your Pinterest board in terms of home decor, interior design, and materials you can use.

Below, you will find some of the hottest home decors and interior design predictions for 2022. They include but are not limited to natural lighting, textured fabrics, an abundance of houseplants, dark, earthy tones and black accents, marble surfaces, and vintage elements. Continue reading and pick some ideas that will best suit your home’s overall esthetics.

Natural Lighting

an interior with houseplants

The idea of natural lighting is not a new one. It’s definitely a trend that will continue to be in vogue for years to come. This concept is very streamlined and practical at the same time. Why? Because you don’t have to use a lot of energy to illuminate your home. There is no denying that natural light brings a cosy, homey feel to any room, and it makes your house a more pleasant place to be.

Homeowners are getting more and more interested in home lighting and new ways to bring natural light into their spaces. This will likely include skylights, floor-to-ceiling windows, proper window coverings, and other features that allow for the maximum amount of natural light to come through. Also, strategically placed mirrors can help reflect the window light. They can also make your living area look much brighter and more spacious.

Textured Fabrics

a dog in a white blanket

In terms of textiles, there will be a lot more focus on texture in 2022. This is no surprise, considering that the idea of a cosy interior has been gaining momentum for some time now. As you definitely want to avoid overdoing it when it comes to materials that feel somewhat synthetic, you can use more natural fabrics and textures in your home decor projects. For instance, the best weighted blankets are often made from organic viscose bamboo with an inner side composed of luxurious microfibre material, making them both practical and simply pretty. If you go with this option, make sure that you know how to wash a weighted blanket, or you’ll risk damaging it.

Other examples include wool, natural silk, and linen. In fact, linen can also be used to cover up your furniture, which will make them look more appealing than ever before. And we are not only talking about the old-fashioned chairs and tables but about various other pieces of furniture as well. You can also experiment with different textured fabrics like tweed and corduroy. These are definitely not your grandma’s type of fabrics, and they look incredibly chic.


houseplants on the cabinet

Another decor trend that you can expect to see more of in 2022 is houseplants. This is a convenient and beneficial way to brighten up your home. Plants can make it look more cheerful, inviting, and alive. As a matter of fact, the presence of plants can help reduce stress levels, increase productivity and bring you inner peace.

So, grab a few succulents and get rid of those dusty fake flowers that have been sitting on your coffee tables for ages. Or upgrade your interior decor with more exotic and interesting plants. Consider bonsai trees, cacti, or even a blooming orchid. You can also seek advice from professionals on which plants are best for your specific home and interior design choices.

Dark Earthy Tones and Black Accents

A brown leather armchair and sofa

Another decor trend you should keep an eye on is a strong focus on earthy, dark tones and black accents. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your home should be entirely dark, gloomy, and boring, but you can easily add some colour to the furniture or accessories in your living room.

These could include a marble table, black or brown leather chairs, a vase with a beautiful bouquet. Or even a dark painting on the wall. If you have wooden floors, you can choose a darker shade of wood or stain. That will make any flooring look modern and classy, especially with lighter walls. As for the surfaces, dark colours can be used for kitchen counters or decorative items such as candle holders.

Vintage Elements

record player

Vintage elements are back in 2022, and they might become one of the biggest trends for the near future. They can include anything from shabby chic furniture to vintage rugs, wall art, and home decor items. You can find interesting mid-century pieces in flea markets, thrift stores, and antique shops. Some of these items will require a bit of refreshment, but they can still be put to great use.

The best way to add a vintage touch to your home is by decorating furniture with retro details such as scalloped arms or legs, egg and dart trimming, or fretwork; you can pick up a vintage lampshade or add some old-fashioned knobs and handles to your cabinets. Items that evoke the past can bring personality and nostalgia to your space.

Marble Surfaces

interior with a dark black sideboard and a coffee table

Marble will continue to be a popular material of choice in the years to come. This is due to its timeless elegance and sophisticated look, which can transform any room into a luxurious space. Marble is also a durable material that can withstand massive amounts of pressure, and it’s easy to keep clean.

When it comes to interior decoration, marble surfaces can be used in various ways, including flooring, furniture, and tabletops. Other examples include countertops and home decor accessories, such as bowls and vases. In fact, you can even get yourself a marble-inspired bathtub, which will look luxurious and highly inviting. If you want to add a marble surface to your dining room table, you will need to make sure that you choose one that is heat-resistant and microwave-safe.

Versatile Spaces

The future is all about easy-to-access, versatile spaces. Spaces that you can easily transform into a guest room, a home office, an art studio, or whatever. This is all about being creative and showing the versatility of your design skills. However, this doesn’t mean you need to go overboard and make every space look like a work of art. In fact, it’s better to stick to a functional design that could seamlessly transform from one form to another.

It is now common to see multi-purpose storage units designed to accommodate various household items such as books, clothes, electronics, and many other things. A lofted bed can save you some precious floor space in a small bedroom while providing you with a contemporary and ultramodern look. In terms of design, you can go for a simplistic approach that combines clean lines with a fashionable palette of colours and patterns.


a black and brown coffee table in front of a white sofa

The above-mentioned decor trends for 2022 are only the tip of the iceberg. But you can definitely use them as inspiration for your own interior design projects. Doesn’t matter whether you are planning a small renovation or a major makeover. You will probably find some elements that will fit well with your home’s overall vibe.

However, if you have made up your mind about hiring a professional home designer or contractor, make sure to do thorough research before signing any contracts.

Remember that every single element of your decor needs to fit the overall style and esthetics for an appealing, consistent effect.

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Decorations at Home That Put You in a Better Mood

Accessories are a finishing touch to every room. But when you have already spent a lot of time on arranging furniture and picking the colour for your walls – you do not necessarily want to spend time on decorations. So, we tend to treat decor accessories as something marginal and of no great importance. This is an obvious mistake. Because it is thanks to accessories that we are able to achieve the effect we are interested in. Sometimes one characteristic decoration is enough to completely change the atmosphere.

Home is your oasis, it’s the place where you are, by definition, supposed to feel your best. That’s why it’s worth taking a moment to find out how to do just that. In this article, we’ll tell you how to achieve a relaxing interior. How to bring warmth into your living room. How to calm your senses. But also, for example, how to create an atmosphere in which your guests will feel at home and your conversations will enter a higher level of quality.

A Cosy and Relaxing Reading Spot

a reading nook with a lot of books and a window

Often what lifts the mood best is a good read. Just to be able to sink into the story of your favourite hero and go through the periphery with him or her without any disturbances, you need one thing. A comfortable haven to read! Ideally, if you have a wide windowsill at home and can arrange a so-called reading nook. Then all you need is a few cushions and that’s it. But if you don’t have such a place – nothing is lost! You can arrange any armchair in your living room or bedroom, or invest in a recliner.

When it comes to decorations: go for soft cushion covers and a blanket to cover you on cooler evenings. If you lose track of time while reading and often find the night creeps in while you’re still reading, a small lamp will come in handy. Of course, don’t forget the coffee table for a cup of tea or coffee. You can also put the books you are currently reading on it.

Decorations That Will Boost Your Energy

We often notice energy drops during the day. Of course, you may need another cup of coffee, but you can also try to rearrange your room to lift your mood. Changes would be felt the most in your home office. Because this is where we often have to push ourselves to the limits. So, what can you do to make your work more efficient and pleasant?

First of all, invest in a mirror! A mirror in the office? Isn’t it a crazy idea? Not at all! Mirrors are the best to bounce natural light around. And it is often the lack of light that can put us in a melancholy mood and make us feel uninspired to work.

Secondly – scents. Opt for fragrance oils with an energising effect in fancy bottles. Leave the lavender for the evening as it will make you sleepy. Instead, try orange oil heated with a candle. The scent of citrus will help you focus better on your work and will keep your mind alert. Citrus also sets a nice holiday mood – work immediately becomes more pleasant!

Need More Romance? Don’t Just Go For Candles

sheets on a sofa with a small table and a plant on it

Candles seem to be the obvious choice when it comes to creating a romantic atmosphere. And rightly so – a fire in a room, even if it floats on a small wick creates a beautiful orange glow and makes the room feel cosier. Plus, every face will look better in candlelight – it is an old truth. So don’t give them up, but try to complete the arrangement with some other decorations too.

It may not immediately come to mind, but textiles can also boost the romantic atmosphere in a room. Let’s say you are decorating a living room, where you have a comfortable sofa on which interesting conversations take place and a coffee table for delicious snacks. What can add charm to an evening spent in good company on a comfy sofa is the carefully selected textile accessories. Think of a nice, plush blanket hanging negligently from the armrests and soft pillow cushions. Add some heavy dark curtains to the windows and you’ve got yourself a romantic set-up ready!

Bathroom as Your Mini Spa Resort

small oils in brown bottles

Many of us go to a spa for a bit of rest and relaxation. Unfortunately, such trips are usually expensive and few can afford such luxury more than a few times a year. But there is still your own bathroom, which you can turn into a year-round spa resort for you and your loved ones.

How do you do it? First of all, you need to take care of the decorative accessories. The most important will be a basket with cosmetics for spa treatments. Buy moisturising masks, rich skin nourishing oils and body scrubs – they all will have a positive impact on your well being. Remember to place everything in a beautiful box, which you can also make yourself. Now you will have your spa corner always at hand with all the cosmetics in one place. Install a decorative bathrobe and towels hanger on the wall, and add some scented candles to complete your bathing ritual.


delicate branches in a vase

Decorations have a much more important function than just a task to look pretty. Arranging decorations appropriately and matching them to the rooms they are to be placed in is very important for our mood. That’s why it’s so significant to know which objects, scents and colours are likely to wake us up. Which ones are better in the bedroom before you go to sleep. And which ones will help you relax and treat your bathroom like a spa.

To sum up: we are calmed and grounded by wonderful soft and heavy fabrics, but also, for example, by the smell of lavender. A romantic atmosphere is easier to sustain with the help of candles, which can also have beautiful scents to suit the situation. Citrus oils increase our performance, as do mirrors that bring light into a room.

Any space can be spruced up cheaply and its function changed or brought out. Just play around with the decorations – it is what we encourage you to do!

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10 Ways How Furniture Industry Becomes Eco-Friendly

Today’s world is constantly changing. Even ten years ago, being eco-friendly and selling sustainable furniture was considered a lofty goal pushed only by the most progressive people with unrealistic expectations. This situation shifted dramatically, and now, every big company needs to participate in green initiatives. Many trends can cause that, from rising ecological awareness of consumers to simply caring about our future on this planet. It applies to many different fields. People tend to pay more attention to things they purchase or the way they travel. In the past years, people created services like, which help others travel easily and efficiently.

However, one of the most exciting industries that changed dramatically in the past years is the eco-friendly furniture industry. Sustainable furniture manufacturers, amongst others, have to care about their environmentally conscious and demanding clients. Still, today they even engage in promoting these values and focus on spreading eco-awareness by themselves. How? Read on and find out ten ways how the furniture industry becomes eco-friendly!

Sustainable Chain of Supply

eco not ego banner carried by a protester

The first thing every green furniture manufacturer has to do is to reevaluate and analyse their supply chain. To make one piece of furniture, you need few suppliers who can sell you parts or materials to assemble it. Every company that wants to be more environmentally friendly has to make sure that its suppliers also follow this idea. Otherwise, their actions will be considered greenwashing.

According to CDP, green companies must deselect suppliers based on their environmental performance and take steps on deforestation and water security risks. Furthermore, every green company had to practice full transparency. Many furniture manufacturers let the public know who their suppliers are so that everyone can fact-check on their own. Additionally, If any company wants to implement socially responsible standards like ISO 26000, it must systematically prepare reports on its performance on social responsibility to the stakeholders affected. The same case applies to certifications like the widely-known Fairtrade International Certification.

Sustainable Materials

planet earth first poste

Using sustainable materials is closely linked to chosen suppliers, as you can’t have sustainable materials without a sustainable supplier. However, in some cases, it is possible to have it the other way around. While no material is perfect, there are some which are much more ecologically friendly than others. For example, green furniture made from recycled materials will leave a smaller carbon footprint than others. It is also the case of local sourcing, especially for natural materials like wood or bamboo.

Wood is one of the most loved materials for furniture, and we can find it worldwide. However, wood manufacturing can be very tricky if you want it to be the most sustainable as it can be. Manufacturers must do thorough research to find what types of wood are the most sustainable and durable, and then determine whether or not they can make sturdy, eco-friendly furniture with them. It all depends on the type. Rarer woods like mahogany are very different from pine or oak. The most significant benefit of wood is that the waste is 100% biodegradable. You can also find certification like FSC that ensures that wood originates from forests that are responsibly managed for regeneration and the growth of new trees.

Production of Synthetic Materials

Production of synthetic materials can sometimes lead to smaller carbon footprints and use less water, but it involves many chemicals dangerous to the environment.

The same case applies to upholstery. Textiles like wool or cotton are biodegradable and renewable, but farms consume extraordinary amounts of water. Meanwhile, polyester is produced fast, without using many resources, but it is dangerous to the water, as it is made from plastics. Washing textiles made from polyester releases tiny plastic fibers into water and air. They are too small for any filters to caught them. That’s why some companies gave up on all synthetic materials and use only natural ones instead.

Reduced Emissions

a woman with a green leaf in hands

Carbon footprint is one of the most popular topics when it comes to eco-friendly companies. Probably most people have heard the term “carbon neutral.” It means that the company reduced its carbon emissions as much as it can by using carbon offsetting. In other words, the company is paying other people for reducing their carbon emissions, or they remove some carbon from the atmosphere that was created while manufacturing furniture.

Nevertheless, another term that can describe companies that care about their emissions is called Net-Zero. It is relatively similar to the previous term, but to be Net-Zero, the company must remove the same amount of carbon from the atmosphere as it had produced. The last term, “Carbon Negative,” means that the company not only neutralises its emissions but invests in ensuring that the project removes additional carbon from the atmosphere.

Sustainable Finance

The market for sustainable companies is constantly growing. You can see a rapid increase in interest in eco-friendly businesses. That’s why more and more global companies decide to become more environmentally friendly. Investments in environmental, social, and governance issues have increased significantly in the past few years. Some may say that companies are promoting and increasing the value of CSR and proper certification just because they decided to follow green initiatives when manufacturing their products.

Sustainable Packaging  

Single-use plastics like styrofoam or airbags were standard resources for many years. Fortunately, this is slowly changing. More companies are turning to certified, biodegradable or recyclable materials instead. It is essential because this way companies produce less waste, but it can significantly lower the product’s weight; ergo, it reduces energy waste in transportation. You can see green furniture packed with corn-based foam, which you can just melt in the water using your bathtub or shower.


Recycling logo on a blue containe

You can find many companies that sell recycled products. After you can co longer use some of your furniture, give it for recycling to the company you bought it from. Then, they take all parts which can be recycled or used in new eco-friendly furniture and create different ones without much more energy and resources wasted. Of course, the company cannot use every part again, but recycling can vastly improve our effect on the environment. In general, giving your furniture to companies that are recycling materials is much better than taking them to the landfill. The only downside for customers is the cost of transportation, as opposed to public landfill transportation. Most of the time, people have to take old furniture there by themselves.


Not so long ago, Ikea launched its new project called “Buy Back & Resell.” Instead of recycling the old furniture, people can just follow the steps of their Buy-back tool and get an introductory offer of the second-hand value of the furniture. Then, they can bring back assembled furniture to the nearest store, where an employee can confirm the offer. The person selling the product will get a refund card for the agreed amount to spend in the store. It can be a great way to find a new use for old products, like an old dining table that can be perfect for an office desk. We can expect that projects like this will become more popular in the near future, and more companies will decide to implement them.

Reducing Toxic Substances

a blue container with toxic label left on the beach

Many sustainable furniture companies started to examine more closely what kind of substances they use in their production processes and substances released in the environment by their activities. Every product used for finishing, treatments, and biding can be potentially toxic and harmful to the environment as well as to their customers. The process of emitting harmful gasses to the air even after leaving the production is called “off-gassing,” and it poses a threat to humans, animals, and the environment.

To be the most sustainable, a company has to give up on using chemicals like formaldehyde and other flame-retardants. Instead, it focuses on low volatile organic compounds like water-based foams, glues, and finishes, which are much better for health and have a smaller impact on the environment.

Sturdy Products

Many products people purchase are designed to last a specific amount of time. For example, many smartphones are supposed to work for 3-4 years, so the client will have to purchase a newer model after this time. While it is very profitable for the business, it is not the best thing for the environment. The demand for eco-friendly furniture is rising, and one of the reasons is the quality of furniture. Sustainable furniture, like wood furniture, may cost more, but purchasing them will be beneficial for both the environment and consumers.

Green Warehouses

a balcony in a skyscraper with a lot of green trees

Green warehousing is another way to improve every business to be more eco-friensdly. Storing furniture sustainably is not the easiest thing, as every owner has to pay great attention to really make a difference without endangering warehouse employees.

The most sustainable practice would be reducing energy intake. However, practices like dimming the lights in warehouses can be hazardous to everyone working in them. Instead, the best thing to do is to modernise the whole system and layout. Many non-eco-friendly warehouses still use metal halide, mercury vapour, or halogen lights which provide bright light but do so inefficiently. As for now, the most significant energy efficiency that can be provided by lighting comes from LEDs. Additionally, light can be a tremendous waste of energy in rooms where no one is present. That’s why every eco-friendly warehouse has a light-off policy in break rooms and restrooms when nobody is present.

Almost every warehouse produces a lot of waste which ends up in already full landfills. Even harmless substances like cardboard or woodpiles still need a decade to decompose. For the sake of sustainability, it makes sense to use as many reusable materials as possible. It is mostly the case of pallets and containers, as we can replace wood and cardboard by metal and plastic. In this case, it makes more sense, as those materials have a much longer lifespan and we can melt or recycle them when they become too worn. The quality of materials matters, as only PET plastics are renewable and reused without much damage.

The Bottom Line

Making sustainable furniture pieces is not an easy job. Still, it is profitable for both our health and our planet. Using fewer chemicals and implementing quality practices is a new way, becoming a standard in the upcoming years. Already, many certified companies have much more loyal clients and more positive opinions than non-sustainable ones. Customers prefer pieces of furniture made from sustainable materials as they believe that sustainability is the proper way to follow. At last, all of us breathe the same air and drink the same water.

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Boys Bedroom Ideas to Unleash Creativity

Children tend to spend more and more time indoors. Whether attending online classes, playing, studying, or simply hanging out with their family, the majority of their day is spent in their room. This is why right now is an important time to redecorate your child’s room. Such change can boost their creativity and the quality of living overall. If planning on redecorating, here are some boys bedroom ideas your kid will love.

The Exercise Room Ideas

If you live in an apartment or a home without a garden and there’s no park nearby, you need to give your kid an opportunity to be active indoors. We’re not talking about products like an elliptical being put in their room but finding some fun and natural exercise equipment that a child will use and have a ton of off-screen fun with. Sounds like any parent’s dream, right? Here are five ways to do it.

The Fun Gear

Instead of building the room design around technology, invest in some home-friendly equipment that children love to play with. Of course, the technology aspect is important for their development and growth. But kids prefer fun outdoor activities, such as riding a bike, swinging, or climbing. So, if you have space, there are some indoor alternatives to outdoor fun.

Install a swing set, trampoline, or bike stand. All three are a great way for your kid to entertain themselves throughout the day and stay fit, strong, and alert. For instance, swings and bike stands provide cardiovascular workouts, which allow the body to use oxygen more efficiently. This results in a more efficient metabolism. In addition, these activities help develop muscles and improve balance.

Bike stands, in particular, are excellent tools for developing upper body strength and improving coordination. Trampolines are fantastic for gaining balance and agility. This activity will help your child develop muscles in the lower body, which will help your kid become stronger and more coordinated. In addition, trampolines are safe because of the net surrounding the jumping area. So, your kid stays protected no matter how they jump.

Wall-mounted Jungle Gym

Having a full jungle gym in your son’s room is going to make you say, “I wish we had that when we were children!” With ladders, safety mats, swings, and gymnastics equipment, it’s going to make playdates and alone play so much more fun!

Creating Nooks and Secret Spots

Children love keeping some secrets of their own. It makes them feel grown-up and builds up a sense of responsibility. So, why not give them the opportunity in their room? If your child loves to hide and build his own “fortress” or a house exclusively for them, then plan space in the room to enable them to do this.

As an example, if there are bunk beds in the room, see if the bottom can be made into a clubhouse or a pirates’ lair. Closed play areas create a feeling of having a special space where your imagination can take flight away from adult eyes. Or with twin beds, you can create some space underneath for their magical house experience. This is also a great idea because it helps to create a special study and creativity area meant for learning and exploring. This brings us to the next idea.

Facilitate Exploration

Children learn best by playing. Educational materials that are cleverly used as decoration in the house make learning unnoticeable. Thankfully, kids love to learn in such a way, so putting up an item like a giant space-themed wall stickers will make them fascinated with the universe and will learn all about the planets, galaxies, moons, and comets.

Of course, such design can be about anything else that interests your boy. A great decorating tip for any boy’s bedroom is to go with the flow – whatever interest they show in something, even if it’s a passing phase, acknowledge it and let them learn about it.  With that, here are some of the boys bedroom ideas to make them curious about the world around them.

Dinosaurs Decorating Scheme Rooms

Dinosaurs are a phase of every boy’s life. And it’s a great one. So, stick some oversized dino stickers on the walls, or cover an entire wall with photographic wall art with a dinosaur jungle. With that, you can use dinosaur night lights. And to spark it all up, you can create dinosaur-shaped wall hangers that you make yourself out of old plastic dino figures. Don’t leave out the dino pajamas and the dino toys. Of course, the bedsheets are not to be forgotten, so find a cover and dino pillowcases to complete the look. Your kid will be thrilled about it!

The Universe Print

This is another classic “boy phase” to anticipate and draw your boy bedroom ideas from. This theme can take over completely, probably because it has so many accessory possibilities.

  • Planets and stars
  • Wall stickers
  • Solar system rugs
  • Full wall space murals
  • Planetarium night lights and other space lighting effects.

Truly the possibilities are endless, and the best part is that many of the elements can be a boy bedroom DIY project that you and your son can create. That’s a real quality time spent together.

Of course, we have many other boy bedroom ideas for all their phases, such as:

  • Trains
  • Sports
  • Legos
  • Star Wars boys room
  • Robotics boys bedroom interior
  • Filmmaking boys room
  • Gaming boys room

Little boys are very creative, so trust us, you’re going to encounter them at one point or another. It’s fun to mix and match them, as they will most likely overlap – and even if your son doesn’t go through most of them, it’s fun to brainstorm about the decorating ideas that can accentuate each one of his interests.

Setting Up the Perfect Study Area

A study area is one of the most important places in any boy’s room. Think about it as setting up a sophisticated home office that will grow with him. A desk needs to be in a bright area with plenty of natural light. This way, you boy will create a healthy habit of learning continuously, and while studying, he will feel comfortable. When looking for great boys bedroom ideas with the intention of creating the perfect study area, you should choose a large desk. This way, he will have plenty of space for his belongings, like books, notes, and his set of school supplies.

The Storage That Makes Cleaning Up Fun 

The ultimate secret to keeping things tidy in a bedroom has a place for everything. If something doesn’t have its proper place, you’ll soon notice that it’s on the floor or under the bed. What’s worse, things without their proper place will invade other spaces – do you know that one drawer that contains all the things that don’t have a place of their own? Boys’ rooms have a special power of making every drawer into this kind of “overflow space.”

The Ocean Bedroom

If you are looking for a boy bedroom idea for your marine-loving child, our ocean-themed ideas are just the thing for you. Namely, by setting up an ocean bedroom with a boat bed, you will give your kid the feel of being at sea and immerse himself in water whenever he wants to feel like he’s on an ocean adventure. Use blue bedsheets with sea animals and stickers on the walls or even underwater wallpaper.

The Amazing Spiderman Bedroom

Our boys bedroom ideas list would not have been complete without the amazing Spiderman bedroom design. Which child does not love Spiderman at one point in their lives? If your child considers him a superhero too, why not turn his entire room into a Spiderman room for him. Apart from decorating the walls, you can get matching sheets and pajamas and even the costume, just like in the movies. This will not only bring a smile to his face, but it will also encourage him to try harder at school and become an amazing kid just like Spiderman. If you’ve been wondering what you should include in this room, here are some ideas:

  • Spiderman color posters
  • Spiderman toys
  • Spiderman wallpaper gallery
  • Spiderman school accessories.

The Classic Sports Bedroom

In the boys bedroom ideas list, we have something for all ages. So, as your boy grows older, he will no longer be as interested in dinosaurs or Spiderman or any other character as such but will want a “cooler” bedroom design. At this point, your boy is ready for less color and more interesting accessories like a wallpaper or his favourite sports person, balls, rackets, albums, and so on. He might even want a boy’s room with a black and white color scheme or pastel shades and accents. This is why a kids room with the sports design editions containing any sports such as football, baseball, basketball, tennis, or any other sport your child likes will be a great hit.

Boys Bedroom Ideas Conclusion

Whatever you decide for a boy’s bedroom theme, there are some things that are necessary for a children’s room, no matter the age. These are a comfortable and safe sleeping space, plenty of floor space, a well-lit and quiet study area, and furniture with enough storage to put things away comfortably. Sound like the bare necessities? Not quite – think of these as a solid foundation that you can build your design theme on.

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5 MIN READ   |   2 June 2021   |   Arthur Guzowski

18 Layouts as Modern Living Room Ideas

While the kitchen is considered the heart of the home, people also spend a lot of time in the living room and lounge area. By themselves or with guests, many hours are passed here, so it is only natural that most of your focus should be on decorating your living room to be both comforting and practical in equal measure.

Modern Living Spaces Ideas

Here we have created a list of the most elegant and modern living room ideas. These elements will elevate your living room style and make it a focal point of your home without hiring an interior designer. Whether you want to completely revamp your space or simply add a touch of modern here and there, we have ideas for all.

Modern Rustic

rustic living room with brown armchairs

If you are a fan of the more neutral styles and tones of decorating a room, why not add a touch of modern rustic to it? This way, your modern living room will embrace a contemporary design with a rustic feel. By having a beamed ceiling, you can easily incorporate a little rustic to your room. You can also mix some décor vintage pieces with contemporary designs to uplift the whole look.

Victorian Modern Living Flair

Neutral living rooms go particularly well with Victorian-inspired design. Without much effort, you can easily add such style through Victorian-style paneling. It will make your room light, airy and welcoming. To take things up a notch, you can use a modern print on one wall, a geometric rug, and cushions that will match the colors of the wall print to add some vivacity to the neutral space.

All-white Modern Living Room Look

If you love the crisp white look and are a fan of the minimalist style, you can still create a fun design in your modern living room by adding a few tweaks. This way, you are avoiding the dull look.
Namely, you can create a complex style by displaying potted greenery, decorative trays, and an assortment of vessels all across your room. This will add a pop of color without overwhelming the all-white design – a perfect idea for small flats.

Colorful Light Fixture

a colorful living room with a red chair, a wooden table and a bookshelf with books and flowers

If you have vintage light fixtures collecting dust in your basement, it’s time for a revamp. Bring out the paint, some light bulbs, and some fringe for a whimsical touch, and start painting in bold colors. Such design makes the room collect around the fixture and pull together the room’s eclectic vibe.

Modern Living Room Shelves

a yellow sofa by the wall with shelves

To create a new look in your living room that is interior designer-approved, you don’t have to change every single element. There are many interesting designs where bookshelves alone are able to add a touch of freshness to a room. How? By repainting them in different colors or using colorful posters inside the shelves that go well with the displayed books.
Such a funky piece of furniture can be enough to create an eclectic vibe in living rooms.

Lush Living Room Design

Nothing adds depth and richness to a living room style as lush greenery does. Pick an underused nook or corner with no furniture and install some small coffee tables, a table lamp, or shelves on the wall. Then, fill it up with different flowers and plants.
Don’t forget to tuck the pots in woven baskets to add a rustic look and include touches of black for definition and depth.

Soothing Living Room Design

light grey sofa by the wall with two delicate paintings

It is essential to pick one primary color scheme for the living room to create a soothing palette with colors matching the entire home. All other colors can be a unique addition to each room, but in general, letting the vibes flow from room to room is a very calming design.
This is especially good if your home isn’t getting enough natural light, so having light colors can help make your home look and feel bigger.

The Mindful Living Room Design

No matter how many elements you have in your room, it’s important to create a flow around all those. Note that where you place the furniture isn’t as important as its style. Therefore, when picking a coffee table near the sofa with armchairs around it, make sure it’s oval or round. This way, you avoid knee bumping from its square corners each time you walk by.

Dark Living Room Walls

brown wooden TV set in the large living room

Take a break from beige and white walls. Navy, emerald, dark grey, or even brick wall are all excellent colors for your walls when paired with light furniture and elements all throughout the room.
Such dramatic tones will add surprisingly neutral backdrops that are very easy to pair with any lighter hues.

Living Room Design with Metallic Accents

Slate and copper are some of the most underrated metals that work very well with traditional wood pieces. So, if you have coffee tables or a dining table with chairs or any other elements made from wood, adding slate or copper will add depth and visual interest to your living room.

Cozy Living Area

colorful living space with a light green couch, little coffee table and pot flowers

Many living rooms nowadays are designed in an open-plan setting, and they fit the lounge area, kitchen, and dining room together. With a starting point of such a vast design, it’s essential to create cozy seating areas all across the living room that flow together.
This way, a guest or a family member won’t feel cut off when sitting in one area of the living room with people located in another.


If you have small children or pets, you don’t necessarily have to opt for dark colors. Even if you are a fan of white furniture, you can still add it as long as it is made of durable fabrics.
Choose a thick leather for the couches and lacquer or plastic surface for the tables that wipe clean easily.

Living Room Rug

two colorful rugs and bare feet standing on them

If you don’t want to add a furniture or décor element to play as your statement piece in the living room, why not go for a statement rug instead?
It can either be in one bold color or in a pattern of several colors that play well with your neutral furniture around. Don’t forget to match your sofa pillows with similar colors or patterns.

Quick Living Room Fixes

If you want to boost your style without spending too much time and money, we suggest starting a decorating project of yours. Namely, you can completely makeover your room simply by rethinking the pieces you already own.
Simply painting your fixtures or your fireplace in a different color or changing the fabric of your chairs or sofas will create a new look. You can restyle your old pillows by sewing a funky trim along the edge, and adding a layer to your curtains will refresh the entire room.

Floral Modern Living Room Design

a dark green living space with velvet green sofa and a patterned wallpaper

Don’t be afraid of the floral designs. Use a vibrant floral wallpaper that will define the accent colors in your living room.
For instance, you can use a floral wallpaper with sage green as its main color and then use the same sage for the curtains or the cushions. This way, you are creating a completely cohesive, contemporary look in your room.

Sheer Sitting Room Curtains

Throw away your dark heavy fabric curtains with sheer ones that will let in ample light. This way, your room will be lit and will look more fresh and spacious.
Pro-tip, to make the ceiling look taller, mount the drapes from the ceiling or a foot above the windows. By hanging your curtains just above the windows, you are cutting precious space and making the room look shorter.

Mid-century Living Room Ideas

If you are a fan of velvet but afraid to use it because of its dramatic look, we hope this tip gives you the needed inspiration to create a delicate mid-century design instead. Namely, use a floral wallpaper (not too busy) just behind your velvet sofa.
Make sure the two match in color. Such backdrop will take away the overly dramatic look of the velvet sofa and instead will make it neutral and soothing.

Geometrical Living Room Design

bright living room with two red sideboards and a coffee table

If you want to create an interesting style without using too much décor or too many different elements, use fabric instead. Combine fabrics for your cushions, curtains, and rugs that are patterned with straight, curved, and angular lines.
Add a splash of color to it for a graphic look but make sure you keep the background (the walls and furniture) understated or neutral.

Additional Living Room Design Tips

I hope this list of possible living room designs gave you an idea of how to style your living room without the help of an interior designer. To help you avoid some of the most common mistakes people make when decorating their living room, we have created the list below.

Small Rug

Rugs in the living room should be overstated and stand as the centerpiece. Although the size will depend on the room dimensions, as a rule of thumb, a decent-sized living room needs an 8-by-10-foot or a 9-by-12-foot rug.
If your living room is truly tiny and you don’t have the open-plan space, then stay away from anything under 6-by-9-feet.

Coffee Table Design

white coffee table with openable top

Choosing a disproportionate coffee table can ruin the look of your living room easily. You have to be mindful of the size but also the functionality and whether it suits your lifestyle or not.
For instance, the material and color depending on whether you have children or not. Your work and your storage space – buy one that has plenty of storage for remotes, magazines, chargers, and everything else you keep lying around the sofa. The height and the length will also depend on the style of the room. So, choose wisely.

Choosing the Wrong Lighting

Fixing the lighting in your room can improve the overall aesthetic of the living space. Picking the right lighting fixtures will give a sense of sophisticated elegance and comfort. This is one of the most overlooked design features. It is an inexpensive way to really help improve the living room and is the most versatile.

The Curtains Feature

a bright window with the curtains

Not hanging your curtains correctly can make the room seem shorter than it really is. If you place your curtain rods just above the window, you will shorten the space between the window and ceiling. So, what you can do instead is, hang the rod half a foot above the window frame so that you get a feeling of openness.

Having Interior Design Clutter

Passionate collectors of vintage décor, artwork, or other elements may have a hard time choosing what to exhibit and what not. To them, all their collections are precious. However, displaying too much in one room will create the infamous “décor overkill” no matter how expensive.

Living Room Ideas Conclusion

Modern living rooms are the centerpiece of the home. When not entertaining, people spend most of the time there lounging, reading, or working. So, creating a practical yet elegant and stylish living room will go a long way in creating a comfortable space for all your daily challenges.

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5 MIN READ   |   20 April 2021   |   Arthur Guzowski

Interior Design Colour Trends for 2021

pending time in isolation makes us pay more attention to our interiors, especially since it’s no secret how much impact the right setup and colour trends have on our wellbeing and emotions.

If your interior doesn’t resonate well with your current sense of aesthetics, remember that it doesn’t take much to reinvent and refresh your living spaces. All you need is your dream colour paint, some matching accessories, and most importantly – a head full of creative ideas!

Pantone Colours of the Year

There is one oracle for those who want to follow the latest colour trends: The Pantone Color Institute. When choosing the right colour for the interiors, all interior designers often consider the so-called, “Pantone Color of the Year“. The colour they choose is usually justified by the mood that characterised the previous year and is intended to give a new twist to the new year.

2020 was full of uncertainty, fear and for many people it turned out to be the worst year of their lives. So the trends for 2021 are determined by the following two Pantone colours:

  • Ultimate Gray – the grey colour is supposed to be a symbol of reliability, something solid like home and something predictable.
  • Illuminating – it is a bright, cheerful yellow colour that evokes sparkling vibrancy and the power of the Sun. It radiates joy and encourages you to smile.

You can easily use both of these colour trends in an interesting combination that will amaze your guests and make everyone enjoy spending time in your home. Combine grey with earthy tones and use it as a background for more vibrant accessories. Paint the walls with grey tones or opt for a large L-shaped greyish sofa. Top it off with soft cushions in yellow, and your home will start to look like an interior designer fortress.

If you are bold enough when it comes to interior design – go all the way and use brave yellowish paint. Yellow walls, however, don’t stand up to much competition – so accessories in a neutral colour scheme are going to work well here.

Warm and Earthy Tones

a beige living room with an olive sofa, painting on the wall and colorful carpet

Dulux colour experts have chosen a warm, bolstering tone of bronze for the colour of the Year 2021. They named it “brave ground”, because it creates a feeling of stability and calmness. If you are about to reinvent your interiors painting walls in earthy tones, it would be perfect, especially if you are looking for peace and serenity that now are the themes around which the interior design trends in 2021 tend to oscillate.

Which interior would look perfect with the earthy tones in it? That’s easy – Your home office!

Why? Shades that connect us back to nature are in line with creativity and focus. Bronze, beige and dark forest greens also make a great background for colourful artwork! Suppose you are interested in investing in bold, original art – that’s very good for you! Why? Because even one fascinating object like a painting, poster or photo can significantly increase your concentration level. Our brain, stimulated by a work of art, becomes more creative. So, when choosing a subdued colour for your wall paint or wallpaper, consider what would be a good contrast that you could occasionally contemplate.

Happy Colours for a Living Room

a big l-shaped orange sofa in a living room with wooden beams on the ceiling

2020 has left many of us with a sense of hopelessness. So it’s time to brighten up our interiors and add a charming touch with colourful accessories – this will also brighten up our thoughts and make us perceive the world in a more positive way (well, it’s about time).

Vibrant and inspiring colours are what you need the most. Your living room will be the perfect spot for them. Just imagine walls painted in a bold pistachio tone. It seems that this kind of wall decor doesn’t need accessories to compete with it. Actually, it does! You have just created a beautiful canvas on which you can further build your living room’s look. Remember that bold colours on the walls “prefer” many decorations, plants, and trinkets all over the place – it all makes a stimulating, but harmonious design. So, don’t be afraid of going too far, you are an artist here, and nothing should stop you.

If you happen to be a true enthusiast of happy colours, you shouldn’t be limited by decorating in this cheerful style in the living room only. Those colour trends also suit an inspiring workspace well!

The Bottom Line

It’s good to be clued up on the latest trends and know what’s new in the world of interior design at the moment. However, always (!) follow your inner sense of aesthetics. Certainly, in the presence of some objects, colours or sounds, you feel well, while others can lower your mood.

Absolutely everything around us impacts how we feel – so why should you go against it? Never stop looking for inspiration! But remember to observe your own wellbeing – this approach will undoubtedly help you create interiors in which you will feel at home.

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5 MIN READ   |   5 February 2021   |   Arthur Guzowski

Furniture Brands & Trends [2021]

Many people believe that designing homes is all about colour trends, interior styles, and overall look. Well, they couldn’t be more wrong. Ask any interior designer, and they’ll tell you that home decor takes much more effort than that.

Sure, aesthetics is important, but what about individuality, practicality, and comfort? You don’t want your house just to look nice; you want it to be comfortable to live in. That’s why besides looking for popular colours, you should also read mattress guides or furniture reviews.

And it’s the latter we’re going to focus on below as few things affect design and comfort more than furniture pieces. Moreover, they can even impact your whole lifestyle. As such, choosing the right furniture should be thought-through.

There are many things to consider. You should think about the storage space, material, and, yes, the newest design trends. To help you with that, we’ve prepared the following guide.

Below, you’ll find all the information you need on the best furniture brands and trends to look for in the upcoming year.

Furniture Brands to Look For in 2021

First of all, let’s take a look at furniture brands that can take your home style to the next level. We’ve decided to cut the list short and provide you with three companies worth your time. Of course, it doesn’t mean there aren’t more, but there isn’t enough space here to name them all.

Mont Alpi

Mont Alpi may not be the obvious choice when it comes to home design. Chances are you’ve never even heard the name. Nevertheless, if you’re planning to give your outdoor space a new look, it’s the brand you should consider.

For instance, if you want to build yourself an outdoor kitchen, Mont Alpi will provide you with everything you need. You can find there everything from outdoor kitchen islands to pizza ovens! Click here to learn more about what they and similar manufacturers offer.

Amigo Modern

Amigo Modern is a design studio based in Long Beach, CA. The studio specializes in furniture and home accessories in the spirit of California Modernism Our goal is to create simple, honest and refined furniture & accessories that evoke a modern yet timeless feel. Our work relies on superior craftsmanship, attention to detail, and an emphasis on premium materials. We offer design and fabrication services as well as custom orders.


If you want to give your home a modern look, Article is the brand for you. Since its launch in 2013, Articles’s top interior designers have provided customers with a top-quality, modern style furniture.

All that makes it a fantastic choice for people who know what they’re looking for. However, if you want a more vintage look, you should consider going somewhere else.

Top Furniture Design Trends

Okay, you know where you can find your furniture. Now let’s get to the second part of our guide – which design trend should you choose. When it comes to that, you have a lot of options. However, some styles may earn their place in 2021.

To help you pick the right one, we’ve divided the information into three parts: colour trends, materials, and styles. Once you consider all these, designing a perfect space will become a piece of cake.

Colour Schemes

Let’s start with colour palettes to rule 2021. Keep in mind that colour tones affect your overall design, your mood, and space integrity. Moreover, according to a study from the Institute of Color Research, colour is the most important design factor. Using a variety of colours is an excellent choice if you want to create a particular atmosphere in the room. If you would like to make the impression of a larger space, add the colours on the opposite side. This way of adding colours can be also used for the kitchen or dining room, where you want to make them look larger.

The study reveals that within the first 90 seconds of initial viewing, up to 90 % of people make a subconscious judgment about a room based on colour!

Here’s how you can use colour to give your rooms a trendy and welcoming design.


Mint represents an atmosphere of relaxation and moral recovery. And frankly, those are the exact two things we need after the horror of 2020. Mint links best with other bright colours and looks perfect in living and dining rooms.

Warm Gray

Gray is a fantastic colour. Unfortunately, one book gave it bad press! But it looks like 2021 will bring it back to our homes. Warm grey brings that peaceful aesthetic into the room, making it a perfect choice for your living room or bedroom.

French Vanilla

When looking for a way to expand a room, yellow-cream tones are here to help you. However, if you also want it to be trendy, picking French vanilla is your best shot. It will work ideally with spaces without natural light, such as kitchens or bathrooms.


Picking a colour is one thing. The other is deciding on the right materials. Don’t forget that they also play a crucial role in your home style, and similarly to colours, a new trend emerges now and then. Well, 2021 is no exception.


The rising environmental awareness is impacting every aspect of our lives, including, indeed, interior design. The need for sustainability has never been higher, with natural materials running the show.

For instance, woods and other renewable sources are on the rise, and it looks like that trend will stay with us for 2021 and further into the future.


Metal hasn’t been the most popular addition to living spaces. Many people believe it makes a room feel cold and unwelcoming. However, it looks like furniture designers have an entirely different opinion on the matter.

Metal applications have been on the rise, and it looks like they’ll stay with us at least for the upcoming year.


Both colour scheme and material indicate the style. However, it’s good to know which designs are trending to give each room a personality. Sure, sometimes mixing them might be a good idea, but usually, it makes houses too chaotic.

To ensure you avoid making that mistake, let’s find out more about trends that will run the show in 2021.


Nostalgia is a powerful feeling. It makes certain trends make a sensational return every year. And when it comes to 2021, it looks like we’ll witness the 80s again, both in fashion and interior design.


Simplicity and minimalism have been two trends ruling the world for a few years now, and 2021 isn’t going to change that. When going for a loft-style, make sure to be as neutral and natural as possible.

Brown furniture, bright walls, and wooden flooring are welcome. Make sure not to overdo it, though – the less, the better. Do not hesitate to embrace even the most unusual colours as long as you keep the whole look cohesive. The daring personality of such a loft is what makes it stand out.


Nothing can stop technological development. The high-tech additions in interior design have become extremely popular in the last few years, although only some homeowners know how to implement them the right way.

To take your home in the future, go for restrained shades and decor. Use metal, multi-functional furniture, and embrace as much light as possible.

Give Your Home a Boost

Designing a home is an exciting experience. As you can see, though, it requires a lot of attention and consideration. However, you shouldn’t think only about the style. Sometimes, it’s your comfort you should be more concerned about.

With that in mind, picking the furniture should be your priority. Why? Because it impacts both convenience and overall design. Hopefully, our guide will help you make the right choices.

Ask yourself what you desire from your home. Is it a mid-century style or eco-friendliness? Minimalism or art deco? Once you answer these fundamental questions, decorating your house will be a piece of cake. Good luck!

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