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5 MIN READ   |   15 March 2024   |   Arthur Guzowski

Is High Gloss Furniture in Style? Interior Designers Say Yes


Sleek and modern high gloss furniture has been a staple in homes for years. But when it comes to interior design, trends come and go. We’re asking the question: is high gloss furniture in style, or has it had its day? Spoiler alert: we say it’s very much still in, and we’ll explain why as we delve into the resurgence in popularity of high gloss furniture and reveal how you can use it to style your home.

The appeal of high gloss furniture

The shiny surface of high gloss furniture reflects light, creating a sense of brightness and space in any room, which is particularly useful in smaller spaces. The materials used to give this furniture its characteristic shine are the very same ones that make it resistant to scratches and stains, making it perfect for high-traffic areas in busy, modern homes.

Current trends in high gloss furniture

High gloss furniture has remained a consistent choice for those wanting a modern look in their homes. In a departure from the standard white and black matching sets, designers have more recently paired vibrant shades to add a pop of colour to an otherwise ordinary room. Create a focal point in a minimalist space with a bold piece of high gloss furniture, or tone it down with softer shades.

Another trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere is the pairing of high gloss furniture with matt or textured surfaces to create an interesting and sophisticated contrast in a room. Pair a high gloss table with matt chairs, or a high gloss coffee table on a beautiful textured rug. For ease and style, why not purchase a single piece of furniture that incorporates both matt and high gloss features?

So, is high gloss furniture in style?

The answer is a resounding yes from us. High gloss furniture continues to be a popular choice for homes due to its modern look, durability and versatility. Elevate your home interior with a high gloss item – shop our high gloss furniture now.


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