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Decorations at Home That Put You in a Better Mood
5 MIN READ   |   24 August 2021   |   Arthur Guzowski

Decorations at Home That Put You in a Better Mood


Accessories are a finishing touch to every room. But when you have already spent a lot of time on arranging furniture and picking the colour for your walls – you do not necessarily want to spend time on decorations. So, we tend to treat decor accessories as something marginal and of no great importance. This is an obvious mistake. Because it is thanks to accessories that we are able to achieve the effect we are interested in. Sometimes one characteristic decoration is enough to completely change the atmosphere.

Home is your oasis, it’s the place where you are, by definition, supposed to feel your best. That’s why it’s worth taking a moment to find out how to do just that. In this article, we’ll tell you how to achieve a relaxing interior. How to bring warmth into your living room. How to calm your senses. But also, for example, how to create an atmosphere in which your guests will feel at home and your conversations will enter a higher level of quality.

A Cosy and Relaxing Reading Spot

a reading nook with a lot of books and a window

Often what lifts the mood best is a good read. Just to be able to sink into the story of your favourite hero and go through the periphery with him or her without any disturbances, you need one thing. A comfortable haven to read! Ideally, if you have a wide windowsill at home and can arrange a so-called reading nook. Then all you need is a few cushions and that’s it. But if you don’t have such a place – nothing is lost! You can arrange any armchair in your living room or bedroom, or invest in a recliner.

When it comes to decorations: go for soft cushion covers and a blanket to cover you on cooler evenings. If you lose track of time while reading and often find the night creeps in while you’re still reading, a small lamp will come in handy. Of course, don’t forget the coffee table for a cup of tea or coffee. You can also put the books you are currently reading on it.

Decorations That Will Boost Your Energy

We often notice energy drops during the day. Of course, you may need another cup of coffee, but you can also try to rearrange your room to lift your mood. Changes would be felt the most in your home office. Because this is where we often have to push ourselves to the limits. So, what can you do to make your work more efficient and pleasant?

First of all, invest in a mirror! A mirror in the office? Isn’t it a crazy idea? Not at all! Mirrors are the best to bounce natural light around. And it is often the lack of light that can put us in a melancholy mood and make us feel uninspired to work.

Secondly – scents. Opt for fragrance oils with an energising effect in fancy bottles. Leave the lavender for the evening as it will make you sleepy. Instead, try orange oil heated with a candle. The scent of citrus will help you focus better on your work and will keep your mind alert. Citrus also sets a nice holiday mood – work immediately becomes more pleasant!

Need More Romance? Don’t Just Go For Candles

sheets on a sofa with a small table and a plant on it

Candles seem to be the obvious choice when it comes to creating a romantic atmosphere. And rightly so – a fire in a room, even if it floats on a small wick creates a beautiful orange glow and makes the room feel cosier. Plus, every face will look better in candlelight – it is an old truth. So don’t give them up, but try to complete the arrangement with some other decorations too.

It may not immediately come to mind, but textiles can also boost the romantic atmosphere in a room. Let’s say you are decorating a living room, where you have a comfortable sofa on which interesting conversations take place and a coffee table for delicious snacks. What can add charm to an evening spent in good company on a comfy sofa is the carefully selected textile accessories. Think of a nice, plush blanket hanging negligently from the armrests and soft pillow cushions. Add some heavy dark curtains to the windows and you’ve got yourself a romantic set-up ready!

Bathroom as Your Mini Spa Resort

small oils in brown bottles

Many of us go to a spa for a bit of rest and relaxation. Unfortunately, such trips are usually expensive and few can afford such luxury more than a few times a year. But there is still your own bathroom, which you can turn into a year-round spa resort for you and your loved ones.

How do you do it? First of all, you need to take care of the decorative accessories. The most important will be a basket with cosmetics for spa treatments. Buy moisturising masks, rich skin nourishing oils and body scrubs – they all will have a positive impact on your well being. Remember to place everything in a beautiful box, which you can also make yourself. Now you will have your spa corner always at hand with all the cosmetics in one place. Install a decorative bathrobe and towels hanger on the wall, and add some scented candles to complete your bathing ritual.


delicate branches in a vase

Decorations have a much more important function than just a task to look pretty. Arranging decorations appropriately and matching them to the rooms they are to be placed in is very important for our mood. That’s why it’s so significant to know which objects, scents and colours are likely to wake us up. Which ones are better in the bedroom before you go to sleep. And which ones will help you relax and treat your bathroom like a spa.

To sum up: we are calmed and grounded by wonderful soft and heavy fabrics, but also, for example, by the smell of lavender. A romantic atmosphere is easier to sustain with the help of candles, which can also have beautiful scents to suit the situation. Citrus oils increase our performance, as do mirrors that bring light into a room.

Any space can be spruced up cheaply and its function changed or brought out. Just play around with the decorations – it is what we encourage you to do!

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