8 Durable Furniture Pieces That Are Worth Investing In When Arranging A New Home
5 MIN READ   |   6 April 2021   |   Arthur Guzowski

8 Durable Furniture Pieces That Are Worth Investing In When Arranging A New Home


Congratulations – you’ve finally found your dream home! Now it’s time to arrange it properly, and make it feel amazing. Regardless of whether it’s a villa reminiscent of all the best Hilton Head homes for sale, or a smaller family home, furnishing is never easy, whether you’re on a budget or not. Finding that perfect piece that fits your design and lasts for long is challenging – but, fortunately, not impossible.

We’re here to help you, and we’ve got a list of the most durable furniture pieces that you definitely need. We’ve also prepared several tips for arranging your new home efficiently and with style. Want to learn how to find the best furniture for your dream home? Read on!

Coffee Table

A coffee table can be a great addition to your home, and it can make the room look much more attractive. This is the best place to put a coffee table, which is also a magazine rack, a bowl for keys or small jewellery, and whatever else you might need. You can even add a drawer for coasters or magazines, or even small items. Coffee tables are quite popular and you can find them in nearly every furniture store.

The most important thing about this table is that it should be resistant to scratches and other damage. It’s meant to be passed through the years with you, and it’s an investment. So make sure you get a durable material, for example, glass or metal. The best coffee table is unbreakable and should last for years. If you worry about scratches, get a table with a protective film, such as a laminate top. This will also make the table feel more luxurious and add more character to it.


big black sideboard with a one-line painting on top

A sideboard is a useful piece of furniture that can give your living room a more elegant appearance. This furniture item will give your home more style and can be the perfect addition to your living room decoration. A sideboard is perfect if you have problems with placing things in your home – it’s an ideal solution for storing dishes, tableware, accessories or other items that you don’t need every day. If you need extra storage space, a sideboard is one of the best solutions!

Console Table

lose-up on a wooden console table with books and vases on it

A console or side table is great if you want to add something to your living room that will serve as storage space and improve its design at the same time. If you have a living room that is divided into different sections, such as the seating area and also an area for the TV and other things, a console table will be perfect for your home. You can put all your things on it – it has enough space for more than one item – and keep them organized in one place.

Floor Lamps

A simple minimalist three-seater sofa, next to it a standing lamp with a white shade on the background of a dark grey wall

Lamps are an essential item of every home, especially if you are a true bookworm and love spending time with your favourite stories at night. You will definitely make good use of a floor lamp standing right next to your comfy armchair. Proper lighting is critical if you care about your eyesight, but not only – reading in the dark can give you headaches. So, don’t forget to make yourself a strong tea, and install a strong enough light bulb – now you’re ready to spend the whole night reading!

Bar Stools

wooden bar stools next to the white kitchen island

If you have arranged your kitchen properly, that means that you’ve chosen the right kitchen cabinets and perhaps you have already bought kitchen bar stools as well. The counter stool is very popular today, and most people use them in their kitchens. You can also choose them if you want to use them in other rooms in your house or flat, such as in the living room. Bar stools can be also useful if you want to have dinner parties – they give you more space for your guests and they look modern and attractive at the same time!

Wooden Chairs with Upholstery

a wooden dining table with 6 upholstered wooden chairs

Wooden chairs with upholstery are great for making your home look even more modern and elegant than it already does! There are many different styles of chairs out there, so you can choose either the one with fabric or leather upholstery or a wooden chair with a padded seat and backrest, so that it’s more comfortable and doesn’t cause any back pain or soreness. Wooden chairs with upholstery are perfect if you want to add something that gives your home some style while also being practical – you can use them as additional seating space during family meetings or when having guests over for dinner!

Dining Tables

If you often have family dinners at home with all of your family members together, then you should definitely invest in a large, durable dining table! This way you can avoid all disputes about who uses which seat in the family room (or any other room) and benefit from having enough space for everyone! Dining tables are great if you have children because they help them grow together with their parents – having dinner together every night teaches them how to behave properly at the table, how to eat slowly and how to enjoy family time without rushing back to their phones or computer immediately after dinner. It’s important for children to learn how to interact with grownups and how to enjoy the time spent with their parents, so don’t forget about this as an important piece of furniture!

The Bottom Line

Moving into a new home can be an incredibly stressful experience. There are a lot of things to take care of, especially if you’re relocating into a freshly built house. However, it can also prove to be a very rewarding opportunity to unleash your creativity! Buying and arranging furniture for your new home is one of the most important aspects of settling into space, and usually comes after most of the difficult and stressful parts of the process. It makes it a perfect opportunity to unwind and turn your new house into a proper family home. Good luck!

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