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Interior Design Colour Trends for 2021
5 MIN READ   |   20 April 2021   |   Arthur Guzowski

Interior Design Colour Trends for 2021


pending time in isolation makes us pay more attention to our interiors, especially since it’s no secret how much impact the right setup and colour trends have on our wellbeing and emotions.

If your interior doesn’t resonate well with your current sense of aesthetics, remember that it doesn’t take much to reinvent and refresh your living spaces. All you need is your dream colour paint, some matching accessories, and most importantly – a head full of creative ideas!

Pantone Colours of the Year

There is one oracle for those who want to follow the latest colour trends: The Pantone Color Institute. When choosing the right colour for the interiors, all interior designers often consider the so-called, “Pantone Color of the Year“. The colour they choose is usually justified by the mood that characterised the previous year and is intended to give a new twist to the new year.

2020 was full of uncertainty, fear and for many people it turned out to be the worst year of their lives. So the trends for 2021 are determined by the following two Pantone colours:

  • Ultimate Gray – the grey colour is supposed to be a symbol of reliability, something solid like home and something predictable.
  • Illuminating – it is a bright, cheerful yellow colour that evokes sparkling vibrancy and the power of the Sun. It radiates joy and encourages you to smile.

You can easily use both of these colour trends in an interesting combination that will amaze your guests and make everyone enjoy spending time in your home. Combine grey with earthy tones and use it as a background for more vibrant accessories. Paint the walls with grey tones or opt for a large L-shaped greyish sofa. Top it off with soft cushions in yellow, and your home will start to look like an interior designer fortress.

If you are bold enough when it comes to interior design – go all the way and use brave yellowish paint. Yellow walls, however, don’t stand up to much competition – so accessories in a neutral colour scheme are going to work well here.

Warm and Earthy Tones

a beige living room with an olive sofa, painting on the wall and colorful carpet

Dulux colour experts have chosen a warm, bolstering tone of bronze for the colour of the Year 2021. They named it “brave ground”, because it creates a feeling of stability and calmness. If you are about to reinvent your interiors painting walls in earthy tones, it would be perfect, especially if you are looking for peace and serenity that now are the themes around which the interior design trends in 2021 tend to oscillate.

Which interior would look perfect with the earthy tones in it? That’s easy – Your home office!

Why? Shades that connect us back to nature are in line with creativity and focus. Bronze, beige and dark forest greens also make a great background for colourful artwork! Suppose you are interested in investing in bold, original art – that’s very good for you! Why? Because even one fascinating object like a painting, poster or photo can significantly increase your concentration level. Our brain, stimulated by a work of art, becomes more creative. So, when choosing a subdued colour for your wall paint or wallpaper, consider what would be a good contrast that you could occasionally contemplate.

Happy Colours for a Living Room

a big l-shaped orange sofa in a living room with wooden beams on the ceiling

2020 has left many of us with a sense of hopelessness. So it’s time to brighten up our interiors and add a charming touch with colourful accessories – this will also brighten up our thoughts and make us perceive the world in a more positive way (well, it’s about time).

Vibrant and inspiring colours are what you need the most. Your living room will be the perfect spot for them. Just imagine walls painted in a bold pistachio tone. It seems that this kind of wall decor doesn’t need accessories to compete with it. Actually, it does! You have just created a beautiful canvas on which you can further build your living room’s look. Remember that bold colours on the walls “prefer” many decorations, plants, and trinkets all over the place – it all makes a stimulating, but harmonious design. So, don’t be afraid of going too far, you are an artist here, and nothing should stop you.

If you happen to be a true enthusiast of happy colours, you shouldn’t be limited by decorating in this cheerful style in the living room only. Those colour trends also suit an inspiring workspace well!

The Bottom Line

It’s good to be clued up on the latest trends and know what’s new in the world of interior design at the moment. However, always (!) follow your inner sense of aesthetics. Certainly, in the presence of some objects, colours or sounds, you feel well, while others can lower your mood.

Absolutely everything around us impacts how we feel – so why should you go against it? Never stop looking for inspiration! But remember to observe your own wellbeing – this approach will undoubtedly help you create interiors in which you will feel at home.

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