High gloss living room furniture

The living room is the central area of your home. It’s where you unwind after a hard day’s work and relax on your comfortable couch or talk with your friends over coffee. It's the room where fun takes place, but at the same time, it is the room for relaxation and quiet movie nights. To make sure your living room is as comfortable as possible, Sena Home Furniture offers you a robust catalogue of modern living room furniture for you to select from. While decorating your living room, you should take into consideration the ideal shape and size of your Sofa, TV stand, coffee table, display cabinet, wall unit, and sideboard. Our furniture is made of the finest materials and carefully crafted so as to satisfy everyone’s needs!

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Showing 1 - 50 of 855 items

Our contemporary living room furniture collections consist of:


The place where you rest after a hard working day. The furniture where you are going to sit with your friends to talk or relax while watching a movie! In our couch collection, you can find a variety of sofas in terms of size, shape, and design!

TV stands:

The TV unit is must-have furniture for a modern living room! It is not only the place for your TV to stand on but it will also provide you with storage for all of your living room necessities!

Display cabinets:

The perfect way to display your essentials! A display cabinet will give the living room that elegant touch you were always dreaming for!

Wall units:

Are you looking for additional storage without losing your floor space? Then a wall unit mounted to your wall is the perfect solution for you. At Sena Home Furniture, we are not only taking care of our furniture's functionality but also of their eye-catching design! Have a look!


The perfect solution for those who are seeking for some additional storage in their contemporary living room! Take a look at our huge variety of sideboards!

High gloss living room!

Moreover, at Sena we love being one step ahead of everyone else, especially in trends and fashion, so we offer many pieces from our collection in high gloss coating, helping you achieve the modern look that so many strive for.

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