Windy 190cm 4 door Sideboard in Creme Stone and Grey High Gloss

£ 579£ 829 incl. VAT

Introducing our Italian High Gloss Sideboard Cabinet – a masterpiece of modern furniture design that effortlessly combines elegance with functionality. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this sideboard cabinet showcases a sleek and sophisticated High Gloss Creme Stone and Grey finish, complemented by striking silver accents.

Width: 190cm
Height: 86cm
Depth: 47cm


Width: 150cm
Height: 70cm

* Made in Italy

* Colour: Creme Stone and Grey

* Finish: High Gloss

* 4 doors ( 2 partially glazed )

* LED Lights

* Silver Handles

3-6 weeks


Featuring two stunning glass display doors, this cabinet not only provides ample storage space but also adds a touch of contemporary flair to any room. The glass doors allow you to showcase your cherished items, whether it’s your prized collectibles, fine china, or decorative pieces, while the LED lights within the cabinet create a mesmerizing ambiance that highlights your treasured possessions.

Let our delivery and assembly services do the hard work for you.

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