High Gloss Sideboards

Sideboards have always served as essential utility storage, especially in the dining room furniture, which is why they're also known as buffets. But sideboards in dining room that comes in many designs has also been updated, so they can be in line with recent interior decor trends.

It's safe to say that the most stylish and modern of all are high-gloss sideboards. They're simply chic yet sensible when it comes to furnishing any part of a home.

And as a trendsetter company, we at Sena Home Furniture offer an extensive collection of wooden and high-gloss sideboards that will make your house look more sophisticated than ever.

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Showing 1 - 132 of 132 items

Everyone Loves the Storage Drawers and Compartments

A modern sideboard can help you store dinnerware, crockery, and all sorts of household items. It's exactly what you'll need if you're wanting a well-organized and tidy home.

Yes, you may use this piece of furniture to store dinnerware, but you can also use it in the living room as a TV stand, media unit, cocktail bar, or simply for decoration purposes. Having one in your common area will make it a subject of discussion when you have guests over.

Some would even place it in the hallway to keep outdoor gear and other essential items in one spot.

Choosing the Right Storage Cabinet Size

There are two things to take into account when you shop for a high-gloss sideboard:

  1. The exact room or area to place it in
  2. The number of things you're planning to store in it

If you've got the room, a sizeable sideboard or a wide model will give you plenty of extra storage space to stow away household essentials. It will also give you the chance to use the top to display decor items you want, such as accessories, plants, vases, or ornaments.

If you don't have enough space, it's best to purchase a narrower or smaller unit, such as a tall buffet. It won't occupy too much of your living space while getting the most out of a cozy spot in your apartment.

Are you still having difficulty choosing from many cupboards? We recommend our bespoke services. You only have to take note of the measurements of the sideboard you need and provide them to us so we can craft your furniture for you.

Styles That Suit the Dining Room and More

Sideboards are functional when it comes to storing your tableware and other living room bits and pieces. But being handy doesn't have to come at the expense of style.

Sena Home Furniture offers a wide variety of sideboards with a high-gloss finish. Each one can effortlessly enhance the sleek and modern look of your living room, kitchen, bedroom, and other parts of your house.

High gloss sideboards are achieved by painting them in detail with a glossy material that's highly reflective. It transforms the furniture into a bright, smooth, and minimalistic piece. And our sideboards are carefully made and assigned to the highest standards, which means we only use the best quality materials to ensure durability and their unique design.

This kind of material that gives the sideboard a shiny appearance is the latest news in interior design, and it will make your home look more luxurious.

Look out for fancy features, too. You can find units with doors or drawers with soft close hinges, in-built lights for additional ambiance, and different handles. Choose from polished strips, traditional knobs, or none at all.

White Gloss Sideboard

Do you want a sideboard with a minimalist design that makes a great impact? Sideboards with white high gloss are gleaming and will reflect light, giving it a clean and detailed look.

White gloss sideboards have been outselling any other finish and colour because they blend in with any decor.

If you prefer something that's not as reflective, then opt for what we call soft gloss units.

White Sideboard

We understand that not everyone will be sold on a white high gloss sideboard. It's a good thing that we also offer a wide range of white sideboards. They're equally stylish, but not as glossy. They also have spacious drawers and shelves with doors that offer extra storage.

They're one of the timeless sideboards and can match any different room settings, from modern design to classic.

Black or grey buffet cabinets are also available in various designs, but white is great for contrasting with dark colour schemes. For example, you can set it against rich blue blinds, cushions, and rugs in the living room and it will look beautiful.

In the kitchen, you can get a unit to complement your cooking area and existing furniture, such as the cupboard, to create coherence. Then you can use the drawer to gorgeously organize your silverware and fancy cheese knives. The top will be a great place to showcase your pots and pans that have been handed down for generations.

Show Your New White Gloss Sideboard Some Love

Let's say you already bought your high-gloss sideboard. But another important feature of these buffets is how to care for them. The glossy surface gives them an easy-clean finish, so they're quite straightforward to maintain.

For a weekly deep clean, it's vital that you gently wipe the furniture to keep its stunning glossy effect. You can use cleaning products that have no harsh chemicals together with a microfiber cloth. For day-to-day care, simply run a dry microfiber cloth or feather duster on it. These steps also apply to all the parts of the sideboard, including the panels and the drawer.

There are similarly low-maintenance sideboards that are made of wood.

Be In With High-gloss Sideboards

As you can see, our range of buffets varies in size, shade, materials, shape, and design. Whether it's a grey sideboard or white gloss, we ensure that everyone finds exactly what they're looking for in this piece of furniture.

The fact that you're here is already a sign that the glossy sideboard you need is in our catalogue. Plus, we offer delivery! Worried about installing the furniture? Readily-assembled units are available to ensure everything's hassle-free.

If you need further details or wish to shop while seeing all the units, we welcome you to visit our showroom. And our team at Sena Home Furniture is here to help, so please feel free to contact us with any questions and concerns.