Sideboards are a piece of furniture that can fulfil their functionality in every single room! They can be the ideal storing unit for the bedroom,  dining room and even in the children's room.

Their purpose can be divided into two parts, firstly they will provide you with storage, but also by choosing a contemporary cabinet with a wide surface you can use it for purely decorative reasons. Most of our sideboards are designed in high gloss and matt finish, but they are available in a great diversity of colours, dimensions, forms, and functional solutions.

They can be, for instance, equipped with LED lights to improve the aesthetic value of the whole room, but can employ the simplest forms and standard colour range.

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Showing 1 - 50 of 373 items


At Sena Home Furniture, we separated our cabinets into two sections, modern sideboards, and bespoke highboards. Although, in our bespoke category you can also find a lot of modern designs.

Modern collection:

Our Modern Collection of highboards comes in a variety of options in terms of designs, finishes, patterns, and materials. For instance, you can find out high gloss units which will give your room a modern interior touch! That allows you to create real eye-catching furniture that is going to be the heart of your living room. Whether you decide to use its functionality for storing your necessities or as a piece of furniture for purely decorative reasons we guarantee you that you will find just what you're looking for in our robust catalogue.

Furthermore, in our catalogue, you can find a lot of unique contemporary sideboard inspiration for your home. Choose your modern chest of drawers it will be delivered to you according to the highest standards!

Bespoke Collection:

At Sena Home furniture, we always want to make things easy for our customers. Having said that we offer you our bespoke services. Bespoke furniture are those which are measured by you according to your room and carefully crafted by us so as to make them perfectly fit into your house! In addition, you can find a wide variety of bespoke furniture in terms of design. You can choose between solid wood sideboards, high gloss highboards and many more designs.

Our bespoke range of highboard are totally made in hand and they will be delivered to you with an individual build number so as to identify their uniqueness!


As we know, the design is an important factor in choosing your next furniture but materials play an important role as well. Having said that we craft all of our furniture using the best quality of materials so as to make them as durable as possible. Moreover, our furniture will be delivered to you assigned to the highest Italian Standards!

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