Cross Wall Composition in Hickory Jackson With Led Lights

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Introducing the epitome of contemporary elegance and functionality: the Modern Wall Composition with LED Lights in Hickory Jackson Oak. Crafted to redefine the ambiance of any living space, this exquisite furniture set seamlessly combines sleek design with practicality, catering to the discerning tastes of modern homeowners.

Crafted from premium Hickory Jackson Oak, renowned for its durability and natural charm, this ensemble exudes sophistication and warmth. The oak’s rich tones infuse the room with a sense of timeless luxury, while its sturdy construction ensures longevity.

Standing as the centerpiece of the arrangement is the TV stand, designed with both style and utility in mind. Its clean lines and minimalist silhouette provide a striking contrast to the intricate grain of the wood, creating a visually captivating focal point. Equipped with spacious compartments and shelving, it offers ample storage for media essentials, keeping the space organized and clutter-free.

Flanking the TV stand are the tall display cabinet and display highboard, elevating the ensemble’s aesthetic appeal and functional versatility. Adorned with decorative black vertical stripes on the fronts, these pieces exude contemporary flair, adding depth and dimension to the composition. The contrasting accents create a captivating interplay of light and shadow, accentuating the furniture’s modern aesthetic.

Designed to showcase cherished possessions and decorative accents, the tall display cabinet features glass-paneled doors and adjustable shelves, offering a customizable display space that effortlessly highlights your most prized possessions.

Completing the set is the display highboard, offering a perfect blend of form and function. Its sleek design and ample storage options make it an ideal solution for organizing and displaying an array of items, from books and collectibles to dinnerware and glassware. The integrated LED lights illuminate the display, casting a soft, inviting glow that enhances the ambiance of the room.

Innovative and stylish, the Modern Wall Composition with LED Lights in Hickory Jackson Oak is a testament to contemporary design excellence. Whether entertaining guests or enjoying quiet evenings at home, this furniture ensemble creates a sophisticated backdrop for modern living, seamlessly blending aesthetics with functionality to redefine the art of interior decor.

Height: 197 cm

Width: 325 cm

Depth: 50cm

Set Includes :

Highboard  90/110/40cm

TV unit      150/52/50cm

Shelf         150/30/20cm

Narrow display cabinet  70/195/40cm

LED lights
Hickory Jackson body and Fronts
Push to open doors and drawers

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