Carmen Furniture Wall Set With Fireplace in Black and Decorative Oak Stripes

£ 1200£ 1440 incl. VAT

Introducing our exceptional Furniture Set Composition, now featuring a built-in bio-fireplace nestled centrally within its design, enhancing both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your living space.

Its exquisite design boasts elegant oak vertical stripes juxtaposed against the soothing black finish, resulting in a captivating blend of warmth and sophistication. The composition includes one tall display cabinet and one display highboard, both with one smoked glass door and LED lights, alongside one full door. All items are finished in a sleek black matte, with the full front doors adorned with decorative and very popular light oak vertical stripes, adding a contemporary touch to the ensemble.

Notably, the standout feature of this Furniture Set Composition is the inclusion of a bio-fireplace at its center, providing a mesmerizing focal point and adding an extra layer of warmth and charm to your room.

With its graceful combination of open and concealed storage, this composition adds a dynamic touch to your living space, effortlessly balancing practicality with style.

Elevate your entertainment area with this contemporary Furniture Set Composition, where style and functionality converge seamlessly. Experience the perfect harmony of design and utility with our innovative ensemble featuring a built-in bio-fireplace.

Total Aprox.Length: 330-345cm
Set Includes:

TV Stand
Length: 160cm
Depth: 45cm
Height: 42cm

Tall Display Cabinet
Length: 80cm
Height: 192cm

Display Highboard
Length: 80cm
Depth: 40cm
Height: 118cm

Hanging Shelf:
Length: 160cm
Depth: 25cm
Height: 30cm

– Fronts made of MDF
– Push-Open
– Handless
– Bio Fireplace in the central

3-6 weeks



  • Assembly service available

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