Home Office Ideas – Easy Transformations for Your Working Space
5 MIN READ   |   27 May 2021   |   Arthur Guzowski

Home Office Ideas – Easy Transformations for Your Working Space


Working from home may make it challenging to set life and work apart and balance your wellbeing needs. However, having a specific workspace in your home dedicated to work inspires you to be more productive and organized. It also helps you set healthy boundaries between working and being with your family. Thus you are more fulfilled and content overall.

Workspace Ideas

On that note, we will be talking in-depth about creating a sophisticated space and the best techniques to do so. Space cleverly designed to provide you with the inspiration and focus you need while working. Also, a home office away from unnecessary distractions such as TV, food, or other attention-grabbing settings.

Minimalist Interior Design

wooden office desk

The minimalist nature of this type of design allows you to set your home office near the living room or as part of the dining room in case you don’t have a separate space in the house. It does not require buying extensive pieces of office furniture, but it does require you to follow some strict guidelines.

Your home office can occupy one wall in the bedroom or living room, and as such, you can have the décor in line with the rest of the room. We love such minimalist layouts because even though you are practically creating a room within a room, it does not stand out too much.

Of course, you can choose the palette of colours based on your home but for the home office, try to keep it at one or two different shades of the same colour that you use in the living room. Use colour to increase the space even though you are taking it with your working space. White and cream-colour palettes fit perfectly here.

Clean and Bright Home Office

Open, bright spaces filled with light help you think better and create without much effort. If you have a lot of natural light coming into your living room already, use that when creating your best home office ideas. Of course, make sure that the light does not fall directly onto your screen if you are using a computer for your work. But if you are creating handcrafted items, ample natural light is absolutely a bonus that will inspire you and lift your mood each working day.

All-White Study Space

white office desk with a black chair

When a place feels fresh and clean, your mind works optimally, and you can focus on what is most important to you at that moment, your work. When using an all-white design, it’s helpful to have a few pops of colour here and there as a subtle distraction from the monochromatic style.

Use Interesting Furniture

Sleek and unique furniture will upgrade the style of your home office. This can be anything from the working desk to the desk chair or couch, the carpet, or even the smallest vase. It can be as little or as big as you can afford at the time. You may not immediately find the right home office ideas for the entire space, but a piece of good furniture will always inspire you to a better style.

Pops of Colour

Just because this space is your office, you do not have to make it all dull and serious. You can always create a tasteful colour play across with a maximum of one or two colours being the main base.
For instance, why not use bright green or orange and gold on a white base. You can add golden accents of colour with vintage brass-and-leather accents, while the bright colour counterpart can come through more minor elements like pendants, photo frames, pen holders, and so on. The white base will cover the furniture like cabinets, desk, or even chair so that some light is present amidst the strong pops of colours.

Sunny Workspace

If you have space in your house or apartment to pick where to place your home office, you can choose a corner filled with light. This way, you can create a cheerful space full of sharp angles and brightness while maintaining a lot of fun.
If you have ample light in your home, you can even get away with using darker shades of furniture that will act as a contrast, toning down the natural light coming in. Such a home office setting is perfect for midcentury or contemporary designs of furniture.

Playful Office Area

Playful home office ideas can include different pops of colours, floral patterns, or even better, vivid posters lined on one accent wall. No matter how many colours there are and how graphic the posters are, as long as it is all on one wall, it can look tasteful and will not be tacky. Of course, if having such a playful accent wall design in your room, it is important to tone it down with a piece of monochromatic furniture or to use two other colours the most. Usually, black and white works like a charm with all the vivacity.

Neoclassical Nook

If you are inspired by the elegant pieces of interior design that are practically timeless, then we recommend furnishing your home office in a neoclassical style. Of course, some might find such style too dull or uninteresting because it usually features just a couple of very similar colours. If that’s you, you can always include artwork and a couple of cushions that will add a pop of energy with their bright colours.

Parisian Maison Bureau

Do not hold back on the French-inspired designs when trying to capture a Parisian Maison Bureau right into your home. This style features a lot of sleek designs that do not come into contact with one another. There are usually either white or black as base colours with the addition of dark brown, subtle gold, or brass for the smaller elements throughout the space.

The Bold Blue


Blue was reported to boost focus and motivation during working hours, so why not sprinkle a bit onto your home office? If you like it that much, do not hold back and use a lot of it. Blue is one of those colours that suits an interior well when paired with mahogany office desk or bookshelves.

Mediterranean Home Office Design

The Mediterranean-style home office never grows old or dull. Elegant fabrics, muted tones, paneling, and sophisticated furniture is all about creating such an elegant interior inspired by the sea.

Mid-century Modern Home Office Style

The mid-century modern style is actually becoming very popular right now. This style lasted from 1930s to 1960s, and is defined by a timeless simplicity, fun colours and functionality. This style is perfect for minimalist spaces, because of it’s uncluttered feel.
A lot of mid-century modern elements, like chairs or lamps can stand alone as a decorating feature and will be drowned out by any clutter. These are mostly minimalist statement pieces, especially if you’re getting an original antique. Thankfully, there are a lot of copycats these days, and most furniture stores have mid-century modern look-alikes.

Lush Office Nook

Few things are more refreshing and lively than greenery. And if you cannot achieve greenery with actual plants, we advise using a rich, green, and bold wallpaper. Even if you have a small space, these home office ideas will have a significant impact on the room and will elevate the space feel overall.

Hand-crafted Work Loft


Handcrafted elements are always in style. But do not worry if you cannot produce these yourself. There are always people who take orders and can custom make your main office’s furniture. For instance, you can buy the larger pieces of furniture at a furniture store while crafting yourself the other smaller elements such as frames, posters, vases, bookshelves, and other similar parts.
If you have never done this, you might face some level of difficulty, but the more you practice in your free time, the better you will get at it. Plus, it is a great hobby to take on. And when the final results appear, you will be super-proud of yourself.

Strong Colours and Patterns

When we say strong, we mean emerald green, and its similar hues paired with navy blue. You can use them plain, or either of those can be in a pattern. Whatever you go with, they will look beautifully combined together, making up a serious and tastefully designed space.

Do Not Fear Colour

If colour makes you happy, then the more the merrier. Use a burst of colours all across but start with the primary colours first. They will provide the perfect burst of shape and structure onto which you can build up rich hues of colours.

Monochromatic Design Home Office

Artwork is great for complimenting an office space, but in case you cannot make up your mind over what to use and how, turn to the monochromatic designs. Namely, you can use one palette for your home office, and the splash of colour in the room will come from a tapestry or a large poster wall. This will add vivacity to your office nook without the effort of combining the colours in your furniture.

Decadent Greens


Before giving our ideas, it is important to note that here you can swap the green for blue, and you will get the same gorgeous design. Do not be afraid to mix emerald or dark green with mahogany and other darker shades of brown. Namely, you can use brown hues for your furniture, while the tapestry, smaller elements, or artwork on the wall can all be in the same shade of green or even navy.

Shaded Office Nook

Another gorgeous idea when combining colours is the use of the same color in different shades all throughout the space. For instance, you can use several shades of pink, starting from baby pink as the base (we recommend using white for the base, too) all the way to magenta for a sudden pop of colour here and there.

‘Art is Life’ Home Office


Do you find yourself admiring art in your free time? You collect artwork or create? Why not use your home office as the display room for all the artwork you cherish. This way, you can be surrounded by your favourite pieces while working.
Do not hold back when creating such an art-filled home office. Here it is all about including all the masterwork you appreciate. Also, in such an interior, use a black or white base to calm all the artwork’s elements and colours.

Dark and Bold Design

The dark and bold home office ideas are not for the faint of heart. If you want your home office to dazzle at first sight, we suggest using dark walls and a boldly coloured rug or furniture to enhance the style. The cozy dark walls and the stand-out elements will all be there, dressed to impress.

Statement Creativity Art Piece

When trying to combine a style around a single statement piece for your work space, it is key to make sure you are not using elements that will overthrow or cast a shade over it. Such an interior design idea will help you in case you are undecided on a paint colour or how to format a gallery wall.
You can solve the dilemma by using one giant piece of art. Highlight your office with a single eye-catching photograph or antique elements and nothing else is required.

Gentleman’s Library Design


The gentleman’s library design idea is a timeless classic that uses dark tones with warm hues. The pop of color home office ideas will not work here, as the design is all about sophistication and style without much playfulness to it.

Wallpapered Whimsy Home Office Design

Chinoiserie wallpapers will create a whimsy look all across. If you have never heard of a Chinoiserie, it is a wallpaper with a pattern that never repeats. This way, every part of your wall will be unique.
The designs can go from swirling flora and birds to animalistic and botanic patterns that bring a special ‘wow’ into your home office. These also create a mural-like effect across an interior wall, and their neutral hues combine very well with all types of furniture.

Hollywood-inspired Home Office

Pair a sofa and a chair with some mirror coffee table, a wood cocktail bar and vintage elements to create the everlasting Hollywood home office. Glamour and style prevail, so do not hold back.
Remember to include some black and white posters of Hollywood stars as a timeless classic to mark your style.

Neutral Interior Design


Neutrals work best in any home office interior, and this is basically a foolproof idea that is both simple and bold. Use a neutral palette to keep the design clean where the pieces of furniture stand out.

The Bel Air Home Office Ideas

‘More is more’ works perfectly in a Bel Air office interior. Here you pick one colour for the pop and a slightly lighter shade to be used for the walls. Then, we suggest a monochromatic base with lots of golden or silver-coloured elements. Do not hold back, because here it is all about extravagance and shine.

Statement Wall Design

Even if you love the minimalism and like to keep it simple when it comes to interiors, there is a good reason to design a statement wall. You can put floral elements, posters, or even shelves with antiques in all colours and designs from all across the globe.

Contemporary Home Office


Contemporary can be designed by combining bold black patterns and furnishings. Such mixed elements will give your home office a strong statement. You can also mix vibrant colours and earthy textures, and it will work perfectly, as contemporary is all about what you envision.

Light & Dark Home Office

A play of light and dark elements always creates the perfect contrast and emphasizes your home office’s design. For instance, if you have a room with ample natural light coming in, do not hold back on those dark walls you have always wanted. Those will not close off space as there is brightness flowing in.
However, make sure to use light furniture too. It does not have to be white, but with cream or light brown. Despite the rich, dark walls, the office space will still feel bright and inviting, too.

The Modern Balcony

What if you do not have the needed space in your small home for a home office? Problem solved. Turn a small balcony into a study by closing the walls and installing windows. Make sure to leave the room bright with natural light flowing in, so add more windows than walls.
That way, you will enjoy the views at any time of the day. Install good flooring because that’s still a balcony after all, and it can get pretty cold in winter or at night compared to the rest of the home. Plus, you can still keep your storage boxes along with the desk chair and all the shelving without looking messy.

The Warm Classics


When it comes to decorating, every now and then, we have to remind ourselves of the classics. These are furniture and color combinations that always go well and are technically foolproof.
Combine the classical home office with warm hues and colour tones such as wooden flooring with the same colour tone deck and crisp white walls with cream curtains. As home office decor on the walls, stick to the same brown as the flooring or the same cream as the curtains. This can be a framed photo or a poster or even wall-mounted bookshelves. This way, you are creating the perfect balance between colours.

Home Office Design Ideas Conclusion

Working from home has now become a standard practice for many people all around. For some, this is a dream come true. And some a still struggling to find the perfect balance between work life and personal life. The creation of a clever home office design with utility in mind, while elegance and style are not left behind, will not only inspire you to get that last bit of work done but enjoy your surroundings while doing so.

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