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5 MIN READ   |   8 June 2021   |   Arthur Guzowski

Bedroom Storage Ideas That Fit the Smallest of Places


Small studio apartments are often a necessity in big city living. However, regardless of their many benefits, people living in small apartments often struggle with storage. There simply isn’t any place left for their belongings in the bedroom. Or is there?

24 Brilliant Storage Ideas

In this article, we have comprised 24 of the best bedroom storage ideas out there. These ingenious bedroom storage solutions will help you avoid throwing anything away from wall storage and headboard solutions. Plus, they’ll look super crafty, making your small bedroom storage look like a creative hub.

Install Shelves

Shelves do not take up floor space, and they act as décor. You can layer a whole wall with shelving, or for a more unified look, stretch one row along the perimeter of the bedroom.

If you want to store books, accessories, décor, and art, you can leave the shelves open or have some closed for store sheets, blankets, clothes, and other things.

Vacuum Pack Stored Items

When storing away last season’s clothes, vacuum pack them to take as little space as possible. This way, you double your storage space, and you make room for new clothes and accessories.

Make Your Floating Desk Double as a Nightstand

If you don’t have room for a regular desk or a dressing table in your bedroom, get a floating wall-mounted or window-mounted desk.

At that, install it near the bed so that you can use it as a bedside table too. Such a design saves you money by only buying one piece.

Use a Storage Bench

Placing a storage bench near the bed or at the end of a bed will give your room a touch of elegance. Not to mention the extra space work for storing items like blankets, sweaters, books, and more. And not only that but it can also be used as a dressing table.

Get Dresser Organizers

Dresser organizers help keep you and your belongings always well organized. They tend to free up space so that you can store more items in the chest of drawers without the clutter.

Get Tall Storage Units

Tall storage units are perfect for storing items that are not used every day, but you still want to keep them in the bedroom. You can find them made of wood and they have two or three shelves on each side so that you can fit a lot of items.

It’s best to place these units against a wall, and they look like bookcases from the outside but taller. You will find these units in a lot of furniture stores and home improvement stores. They are very affordable, and it’s easy to install and match the style of your bedroom.

Storage Headboard

For bedrooms with an interior design where the bed takes the most space, we suggest making the best out of the bed frame. What we mean by this is to look at it as a storage opportunity. Not only can you store items below the bed (we’ll talk about the platform bed later), but you can store items at the top too.

Choose a headboard with shelves that gives you storage room for all accessories, books, magazines, albums, and whatnot. This way, these details are stored away without taking up too much precious space but at your hand’s reach whenever you need them.

Use S-Hooks

You can save shelve space by hanging your clothes on s-hooks. Pants, for instance, become more compact as such and take much less room when hung. Plus, with such a layout, you have a much better overview of what you have when choosing what to wear.

Night Stand With a Twist

If you don’t have the room for a bedside table in your bedroom, why not mount it on the wall for more shelf space? Make sure it’s close to you but away from your head, so you don’t bump when waking up.

Even a small one in the corner is a much better choice than leaving all your books, chargers, and water on the floor when going to sleep.

Mirrored Wardrobe

A mirrored wardrobe is often made of a single piece of mirror attached to a beautiful wooden frame. It has no doors, but it comes with many compartments, so it’s a convenient storage unit for storing clothes and accessories. This way, you are saving some space as you don’t have to place a mirror somewhere else in your room.

Most mirrored wardrobes are smaller than other wardrobes, so they work best in smaller bedrooms. You’ll also find them at home furnishing stores where you can choose between different styles, colors, and finishes until you find the one that fits your bedroom best.

Hanging Wall Closet Organizers

One way to maximize the amount of hanging space in your closet is to install a hanging wall closet organizer. This is an easy and affordable way to add more clothes storage to your home.

It basically eliminates the need for dressers, as you have all your clothes in easy reach hanging from wall hooks. It’s a great option that saves money over buying multiple dressers for your bedroom, and it keeps everything very neat and organized.

Under the Bed Storage

A bed with the space under the mattress is often overlooked as storage space, but we believe it has the greatest storage potential of holding various items. Sometimes having something to store underneath the bed is essential, but you don’t have to do it by leaving the items unprotected. There are countless products available as storage systems. From drawers and containers to bags and storage boxes sold in a range of sizes and shapes, these products are very convenient and affordable.

Under-bed space can be used for shoe storage. This is one of the most common use, but you can also find products to help you store blankets and linens, hats, clothing, and even toys. If you have a lot of books or magazines, this is a great place to store them.

It’s also a good idea to use under-bed storage for season clothes or items that you don’t often use, such as holiday decorations or winter clothing.

Wardrobe Storage

If you don’t have a dresser or need more space than it, invest in a wardrobe or an armoire. These are much bigger than closets, and they offer more storage rooms because they have more sections or drawers inside them.

If you want extra storage on top for lamps or decorative objects, then get an armoire. Often made of wood or steel, this will be a statement piece in your bedroom. You can get large wardrobes or armoires that will take up an entire wall of your bedroom or smaller ones that will fit in between two windows or two doors leading into the bedroom. They may be plain with no additional decorative elements, or they may be decorated with moldings and carvings according to the style you like best.

Closet Organization

No matter how much or how little space you have, there is always room for a better organization of all your storage units. For instance, closets aren’t necessarily only for clothes storage. They can be used for plenty of other things too.

However, the important thing to figure is what you can do with the space you have available. Using it up cleverly will enable you to double your storage space. A great idea for closets is to have shelves installed along the side walls so you can put your shoes on shelves. You can also use space on the inside of the closet door to hang scarves, ties, belts, and other accessories.

If you don’t have closet space, or the closet space you have isn’t enough to hold everything in your wardrobe, you can use other places in your apartment for storage. Try using a wardrobe with hanging rods for shirts and sweaters, or get a storage bench for more informal clothing.

Chest of Drawers

Chest of drawers is another option for storing your clothes. These pieces of furniture have drawers that can be opened on top and in front of them. Some drawers are divided into compartments so you can organize your clothes better.

They also come in different sizes, so you can find one that will fit perfectly in your small bedroom. You can buy a chest of drawers with many drawers or with just two or three drawers depending on your storage needs.

You will find many different styles of chest drawers. From ones made of wood to metal or glass, they all come in different finishes and colors.

Bedroom Space Bed

A storage bed is not exactly a bed frame with storage space underneath, but it may look like it because it also has something underneath the frame to store your things as a storage chest would. Storage beds have drawers on the side and are one of the most used hacks for small bedrooms.

These beds are usually quite high if you don’t count the storage space underneath them, and they often look like a dresser turned on its side—nonetheless, excellent solutions for small bedrooms.

Murphy Bed

Murphy beds are an excellent solution for a small bedroom, especially if you use the room for studying or as a home office.

They used to have a bad reputation in the past, but now many manufacturers are producing very high-quality ones. Hence, as part of our storage ideas list, we definitely recommend investing in such a bed. When not sleeping, you can simply fold it into the wall and get more floor space in your small bedroom.

The Multi-Purpose Storage Ideas

No matter how many DIYs you build for better storage, the key to adding space lies in using multi-purpose items. For instance, get a mirror with a construction that features pegs and a small shelf or, if you absolutely have to have bedside tables, get one with drawers and a shelf below for the added storage space.

Use the Doors Wisely

If you have absolutely used your bedroom walls and storage capacities and don’t know where to turn to next, don’t worry, there’s still hope. And the hope is in the door.

Get some over-the-door racks, organizers, and shoe cubbies to store all your remaining belongings and accessories that you otherwise clutter your floor or closet.

Make Room for the Bicycle

Bikes are usually left on balconies, hung on the walls, or even left outside. Here we are bringing another solution that will also prolong the life of the shelves too. Suspend your bicycle from the ceiling.

It may sound odd at first, but if you don’t have the basement bike room, get some good bike storage tools to hang your bike from the ceiling.

Also, don’t forget to get a ladder so that you can take it down more easily. Where to store the ladder? Use it as a shelf for books, hats, shoes, and other accessories you have lying around.

Closet Wall Hooks

There is plenty of potential but unused space on the inside of the closets that can be used for hanging various pieces of clothes you don’t wear as often.

Install hooks just behind your clothes rod and store items you don’t need to access every day. Or use it for accessories such as purses, messenger bags, or even coats. Anything that can fit on a hook can be placed behind the main clothes rack.

This way, you are practically doubling the bedroom storage space in your closet without creating a mess somewhere outside of it.

Use Drawer Organizers

Like the closet organizers, drawer organizers are a fantastic way to free up more space without creating clutter. If you struggle with storage space all across your home, you probably know of modular desk organizers used to organize any kitchen or junk drawer.

Well, you can use similar little useful tools for your drawers in your bedroom space as well. Place one that fits the drawer and then put all your small items inside like comb, brush, hair ties, hairpins, and the like.

Hanging Baskets to the Rescue

Another brilliant hack in the bedroom storage ideas list is the hanging basket. If you remember your grandma using hanging baskets in the kitchen, it’s time to repurpose them into something much more useful that will help increase your bedroom storage.

You can use a wooden or a pleated basket for a more boho-inspired look. Store various items there like jewelry, hats, hair or make-up accessories, and whatever else you have cluttering your floor space.

Use these hanging baskets above your bedside table or even in the closet’s interior to store lingerie, socks, winter accessories, and many other small details. This way, you are saving space for other larger belongings.

DIY a Mirror Cabinet

Just like the medicine cabinet in the bathroom, a mirror cabinet for the bedroom can be a fantastic storage solution too. However, such a cabinet for the bedroom might even be a better storage solution since you will be making it out of a larger mirror.

After all, who doesn’t need a full-length mirror in their bedroom? Here’s how to DIY a full-length mirror for your bedroom storage.

Attach hooks to the wall where you plan on placing the mirror

Place frames around the hooks with the same dimensions of the mirror

Add hinges to the mirror and attach it to the frames like a door that will hide all your stuff on the hooks.

Bedroom Storage Ideas Conclusion

Now is the time to get creative with the bedroom storage project because we’re not talking about tools and appliances here–we’re talking about all the little things that make you who you are. In the bedroom, it’s fine to let your own personality shine through in the way that you organize your belongings. But don’t stop there. Many of these ideas go beyond the bedroom storage and look fantastic for the whole home as well.

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