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9 Ideas to Decorate an Empty Corner in a Living Room
5 MIN READ   |   7 May 2021   |   Arthur Guzowski

9 Ideas to Decorate an Empty Corner in a Living Room

Finding the ideas for corner decor can be quite a complex task, which often causes difficulties even for professional designers. The problem is that the object in the corner must connect to the rest of the room. While some of the rooms need sophisticated and original corner decor, others require a minimalist addition.

Here are 9 great ideas that can transform your corner in the living room!

1. Corner sofa

This is probably the easiest way to fill a corner of the living room. The modern corner sofas are very suitable for rooms where there is limited space.

2. Reading corner

If you are looking for a practical solution for decorating the corner space in your room and you like reading, then you can create a simple reading corner with a chair and a beautiful ottoman next to it.

3. Home entertainment center

Corner entertainment units are much less popular than traditional ones at the moment, but in practice, they help save space very well. You can also place modern TV units in the corner.

4. Fireplace

Fireplaces bring warmth, cosiness, and charm to the room. Built-in corner fireplace or standard fireplace placed into the corner will instantly become the favourite centre of your home.

5. Folding screen as an element of decor

A folding screen is a popular decoration in living rooms around the world. When choosing such an original decor style, it is important to make sure that its design is combined with the other elements of the interior.

6. Cosy workplace

Having a home office is gradually becoming a daily thing in most modern homes. For those who cannot have a separate room, the corner workplace in the living room is the most convenient option.

7. Stylish floor lamp

Why not lighten up the lonely corner of the living room with an exquisite floor lamp? A beautiful lamp is both useful and fashionable for any room!

Another useful idea for those who wish to use every centimeter of free space! Vertical corner shelves or an open bookcase will give you the opportunity to demonstrate your collection of books or accessories in a beautiful and original way.

9. Sculptures and indoor plants

Nevertheless, decorating the corner of a living room is a much simpler task than decorating a corner area in a bedroom or kitchen. High sculptures, fascinating art installations, or even a simple potted plant can instantly transform the atmosphere in a room.

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