TV Stands

What is the main use of a TV stand?

Is to make your living room tidy and well organized. You can place on it your TV and at the same time as it provides you with some additional storage to place your living room necessities in it! The most amazing designs for modern interiors combine the excellence of handcrafted furniture, quality materials, and original ideas. Our online shop has selected amazing white gloss TV units, elements in darker colours, as well as very interesting products employing the potential of mirrors, glass and RGB LED lights.

Their solidity is ensured by the use of MDF, the best coatings as well as the diversity of durable accessories. Find amongst this variety of unique options the solution for your modern home or much simpler and more traditional propositions, universally fitting in virtually every space.

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Showing 1 - 50 of 272 items

Our TV stands vary in terms of style, shape, size, colour, and material that they are been made of:

Wooden made:

At Sena Home Furniture we offer a wide variety of wooden entertainment units. What are the advantages of a wooden stand? Except for its durability, TV cabinets made by good can easily match every interior. The main reason for that is their colour! One of our wood TV units is Amber.

A TV stand that brings together wood and brushed inox for a very contemporary look

Grey colour:

One of the latest trends in Interior design is the grey colour! As we know that we made a variety of TV stands available in a grey colour! In addition, a good idea for a premium looking living room is to match, in terms of colour, the grey stand, and the coffee table! An example of our grey TV unit would be Castor!

High gloss finish:

Another Interior trend nowadays is the high gloss furniture and more specifically the white high gloss furniture! As we want to always follow the trends we prepared for you a variety of white gloss TV stands, such as Bump!

Bespoke furniture:

Our bespoke TV units are not only made to fit into your living room but also they will be crafted in accordance with your measurements so as to provide you with the best viewing point from your sofa to your TV! Comfortable right?

TV Units:

Moreover, if you are searching for the ideal TV units maybe you should consider purchasing a TV wall unit. To be more specific, not only it will provide you with a place for your TV but with additional storage for all your living room necessities!

In addition, as most of our furniture is made in Germany and Italy, they will be delivered to you assigned to the highest standards! You just have to choose your ideal furniture and we will carefully craft it for you!

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