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Statistically, people spend about 20 to 25 hours per week watching TV. It is one of our favourite hobbies, whether we want to admit it or not. So, why not make the whole experience more enjoyable by rearranging the entire TV unit area and making it indeed a focal point of your living room. 

Modern and high-gloss TV stands are the easiest way to amp up your entertainment space and improve the experience in your living space in general. The best thing about it is that it provides you with additional storage space to place your living room necessities in it. A living room TV stand will add an open space with shelves to decorate the place with photos, collectibles, art, plants, flowers, and anything else.

You can find different types of products in our online store. Such as wood TV stands which will match other wooden furniture easily. Check and buy our Modern TV stands now.

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Showing 1 - 293 of 293 items

The Benefits of TV Units

The living room is the focal point of every house. And just like that, the entertainment units represent the living room and your sense of style. We all use the living spaces to lounge and watch our favourite TV programmes with friends or family, so our fun revolves around the TV unit much of the time.

For this, it is essential that you decorate this part of the house in the most impressive manner, with a style that will showcase your impeccable taste and no less.

The easiest way to turn your living space into something extraordinary without spending too much money or time on renovations is by getting a TV stand.

TV stands have become the must-haves of furniture elements today. They are eye-catching and modern and give you the best solution when it comes to completely transforming your lounge.

However, TV units are not just restricted to the entertainment and decor they provide. A good TV stand is the most stylish way to organise and store things without cluttering up other rooms. If you have a small home or need extra storage space, TV units are the best way to make your living place more comfortable.

A TV stand will help you:
  • Increase floor space by having only one compact piece of furniture to store things in, instead of having them scattered all across the room, creating unwanted clutter
  • Get a number of possibilities of arranging your belongings, all in one place
  • Showcase your art collection, collectibles, books, accessories, or other funky ornaments in a stylish way that won't feel cluttered
  • Change the appearance of your living place without spending too much time or money. With TV units, you can easily change the look seasonally or whenever you feel like it by rearranging the displayed items, and your room will always feel fresh and exciting.

Improve Your Room’s Functionality With a TV Unit

By maximising space in your living room, you are upgrading the functionality of your home and increasing the comfort of everyday living. Getting a good TV cabinet that works for you is one of the best investments you can make for yourself long-term.

TV cabinets are a commonly used type of furniture in living rooms, thanks to their functionality, elegance, and overall usefulness. This piece of furniture can transform your living area into an elegant, hospitable place in your home when entertaining guests, enjoying time with your family, or simply relaxing on your own.

The best part of its functionality is that it's easy to install and ready to use immediately after purchase. There is no complex installation, wall drilling, or any other fuss that might make a mess in your home. You simply buy it, have it assembled, and are done.

Your TV Stand is Rent Friendly

Continuing with its functionality, another great benefit of having a TV stand is that it's renting-friendly. If you are renting your apartment and are not allowed to make any permanent changes to the furniture and overall place but still want to make some changes and feel genuinely at home, getting a TV unit is the best decision.

Wall units look fantastic, however, they need to be installed into the wall, and not all renters can do so. Therefore, don't limit yourself and show your true style with this product.

TV Units Have Excellent Mobility

A TV stand may seem like a bulky piece of furniture at first, but you will soon notice that it does not take up too much space because of its compact design. And not only that these products help create more storage space, but they also offer excellent mobility. So, if you ever decide to switch up the entire living room plan, move out of your home, or use it in a different room, you can very easily change its position.

There will be no marks on the wall from holes or other instalments left once you move your TV stand. It is an excellent piece of furniture for both big and small rooms, and you will love the versatility it offers.

TV Stand Style Tips

If you shop for a TV stand, you will notice a large selection of models available on the market in different colours, wood or glass shelves, construction made of wood or metal, a diverse range of sizes, open or closed storage type and so on. The selection is endless, and sometimes it can be hard to make a choice.

If you are looking for style tips, first you have to note that the best TV stand you can buy is the one that fits your room and preferences. When you shop by room, define its specific style and look, and try to find the perfect match for a television stand.

Before we go into the different styles and looks of TV stands, let's talk about choosing the best product for your television and entertainment centre.

How to Pick the Best TV Stand

As we said previously, the best TV stand is the one that fits into your home perfectly. You see, just as the living room is the focal point of your home, the TV units are the statement piece of the living area. Also, this entertainment space is people's go-to place for enjoyment and relaxation, so it seems fitting that you should try and make it as comfortable and stylish as you can.

Since TV stands have become such an essential piece of furniture in our lounge areas, you must choose wisely. Make it space-defining, stylish and functional, but above all, make it yours.

With that said, before you shop for your perfect match of a TV stand, take a minute and note some of our tips below to help guide you on your way.

Free Space Ratio

If you have a smaller room, don't go for a bulky, large TV unit that will take up a lot of space and make the room appear even smaller. Although such a piece will give you plenty of storage space, it will look too bulky for your space, and you won't end up liking it in the end.

Base your choice on the room size and your current interior plan. If you have a sofa parallel to the TV, make sure the TV stand isn't too high or wide so that it comes near it and clutters the room. Also, make sure that the sofa appears larger than the TV stand, for some room balance overall.

If your room is big enough and you have unlimited space, height and depth to play with, then you are free to go for the larger TV units that will take up more space and act as an anchor in the room. Even if you prefer minimalism, you can still opt for a larger stand.


The style and design of these products will also be an important decision as they are the focal point of every room. The way to go about this is first to discover your taste, evaluate how it matches the rest of the room, and then pick the most suitable TV stand.

If you already have wooden furniture and a vintage vibe in your room, you cannot get a black and white cabinet or one with other colour combinations that don't match the warm wood tones.

If that's your case, then shop for an oak TV stand with warm undertones that will fit your room flawlessly.

If your room is all white and you have ample natural light coming in, then opting for a black metal construction or dark grey will create the perfect balance of colours and anchor the room. On the other hand, if your room is quite dark, opt for something lighter in colour to enhance the room's size and bring in richer tones.

Also, decide on the finish you'd like your unit to have. Will it be glossy or matt? This will depend on the other pieces of furniture already present in your home. If you want to go for something more neutral, you can choose a cabinet with predominantly a glass construction that will showcase your belongings and will blend in, no matter the style and furniture you already have in your room.

Always Opt For Functionality

People always need more storage space, no matter how much they already have. There is always something to be stored away, and if you can't deal with clutter all over your living room, then it's best to shot for a TV stand that will offer the most storage.

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