Highboards and sideboards are the perfect solutions to add storage to your flat or house in a way that is completely organic and unobtrusive. Their use is not only practical but also some of our designs will even offer you their wide surface for purely decorative reasons. Choose from a variety of styles, ranging from highly modern, high-gloss finishes. To be more specific, at Sena we are always a step ahead, having said that we adjusted our furniture with shiny high gloss finishes so as to provide you with the latest interior trend!

Regardless of what style you choose, you can count on the most efficient storage options with Sena’s carefully crafted highboards. 

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Showing 1 - 50 of 72 items
Showing 1 - 50 of 72 items

Bespoke furniture:

On our robust catalogue, you can find a variety of bespoke cabinets as well. To be more specific, as we know the difficulty of finding the highboard which going to perfectly fit into your living room, we decided to offer customized cabinets for your house. So the only thing you have to do is to measure your space choose your ideal design and we will carefully craft it for you!

High gloss finish:

As you can notice the whole High gloss category is full of modern designed furniture. You can find our cabinets in a variety of colours as well. Whether you are looking for an elegant white high gloss highboard or for a minimal black high gloss cabinet we guarantee you that you will find it in our catalogue! Take a look!

Premium Highboards:

For our most demanding customers, we have designed the most premium cabinets made by the best quality materials and with high-gloss finish. For instance, our four-door luxury storage cabinet Merida! This piece of furniture, due to its designs and materials, is going to be the centre of attention in your living room!

Additional LED lights:

Do you consider yourself as a minimalistic yet modern person? Then our collection of highboards with optional or additional LED lights is going to amaze you! Made to give your interior design a modern touch in the most minimalistic way!


We offer furniture made by the highest quality materials and with eye-catching designs, all in order to provide you with the best possible option for your interior. In addition, as most of our furniture is manufactured in Germany and Italy they will be delivered to you assigned to the highest standards. With our help, you’ll have a chic, practical means of storing all of your things. The only thing you have to do is to choose your ideal highboard and we guarantee you that we will carefully craft it and paint it in detail!

For more details:

Please contact us, connect with us via social media, or visit our showroom to see all of our furniture in detail.