Storage spaces can be a bit problematic, especially if we are considering how they would fit into our overall home design. Good thing, high gloss highboard is here to save the day.

In this day and age, trying to fit a storage space into our modern design interior can be a challenge. However, for those who have a grasp of furniture and room layout, high gloss sideboards might be the best recommendation. That raises the question, what is a highboard and why do I need one?

To give you a quick background a modern gloss highboard is a tad higher than its closest cousins - the drawers and sideboards. Highboard was originally considered a prominent piece of kitchen furniture a couple of centuries ago. It provided a storage space mostly and was used by noble families.

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Showing 1 - 57 of 57 items

Modern highboard took a leap forward and it is now more than just furniture you’ll see in kitchens. In fact, this fixture provides answers to all modern household issues - a quality yet elegant storage space. The quality touches added as features in recent times, such as cabinets, high gloss surfaces, and elegant room for storage make highboards a fan favorite for a modern family. 

Highboards Are More Than Just Cabinets, Drawers, and Shelves

Similar to a modern sideboard that offers a sturdy surface to work on, high gloss highboards are manufactured as a modern take to a piece of stylish furniture. Highboards are not only famous for their looks but their build quality as well. This means the unit is a practical choice for people who look for a high calibre yet, functional fixture in their rooms. 

The shelves it offers are generous enough to fit all kinds of decors, while the drawers and cabinets provide a secure space for those more vulnerable ornaments. Its sturdy silhouette also provides an added layer of security that would minimize safety concerns to the little ones in the family. 

Depending on your practical needs, customers can get a tailored-fit configuration that suits their fancy. For example, highboards with sliding doors would be suitable for a living area with a small space. The classic hinged doors give you plenty of clearance to instantly get the thing you’re looking for. Lastly, drawers with different sizes and configurations can also be another option. This is a perfect place to store any small accessories that would be useful for your living or your kitchen area. 

In some creative instances, highboards also doubles as makeshift TV stands. The same can be said about cupboards.

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Appealing Nature of Modern High Gloss Sideboards and Highboards

The rise of high gloss furniture provides a stunning touch of grace and beauty to our home’s interior. On top of that, a collection of furniture with the same aesthetic feel could really lift the notch for a fancy living quarter. A cohesive range of great quality, high gloss furniture lights up the whole space and provides a personality to your personal space. 

With the rising demands of Highboards, creators and designs upped their game with the expanding range of variety and configuration, this piece of furniture paved the way for an astounding mixture of lively colours and material choices. This means there’s a perfect design for every interior theme available in the market. 

Another useful take for high gloss highboard is the concept of modular compartments that offers a huge potential for installation variations. This solidifies the position of highboards as one of the most versatile yet stylish pieces of furniture we can own. 

Materials also determine the overall durability and how sturdy our unit would be. The classic wooden highboards are a common sight in today’s market. Most highboard collections use MDF as part of their main structure. In some instances, we see units made from oak with varying storage compartments. Others even step it up a notch with the help of LED lights to create depth and personality. Just a quick note, we can request LED lighting in most highboards that we purchase.

Metal with a touch of MDF is also a common trend in today’s cupboards, white gloss sideboards, and highboards. Of course, we also don’t want to forget the classic glass structure mixed with other materials such as MDF and a touch of metal. This creates a stunning style that could provide a tingle of pride thanks to the beauty and harmony these components provide. 

Now that we covered the materials, structure, and overall functionality of highboards, there’s only one thing we left under the hood. Yes, we are talking about the colours palettes that would fit everyone's fancy.  

Recent home designs greatly involve the colour palette of the whole structure, and that means matching components are crucial for the overall aesthetics of the room. Here’s the good news, there’s a huge collection of glossy white and even lacquered highboards available. Aside from the high gloss finishes, we can also choose between neutral tones. There’s also a bold colourway available if you think that would be a perfect fit for your home. 

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High-gloss sideboards are simple in nature, yet, provide elegance and add grace to our living quarters. They come in all shapes and sizes that perfectly fit anyone’s needs. On top of the added aesthetics, they also provide more room in our storage struggles. 

The limitless configuration a highboard offers, as well as its various components, give versatility to any homeowners to change the elements of their interior without compromising the artistic feel of their living area. The materials are strong and sturdy, which ensures the longevity of the furniture we opt to use. Whether we go with the classic look or the more modern style high gloss highboard, we can put our mind at ease that it would fit any aesthetics route we choose.

Above all, the high gloss finish of these gloss sideboards provides the perfect complement to any type of interior. It also adds great depth to our fashion sense, especially with our note in designing our home.

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