High Gloss TV Stands

From black-and-white television, we've come a long way to on-demand shows, movies, games, and 3D. Even with the changes with its technology, one thing remains the same - the need for a TV cabinet or stand. It's always been a practical piece of living room furniture that keeps our entertainment units organized and prettied up, including those unsightly cables or cords.

Other than functionality, we offer a wide variety of products such as wooden TV stands made with the latest trend in interior design called high-gloss.

Each of our high-gloss TV stands will neatly contain any entertainment-related items while providing plenty of storage space for your other belongings.

Save space with style and enjoy your TV with a Sena Home Furniture reliable high-gloss TV stand, or view our range of modern TV stands as well. Scroll through our available cabinets.

Showing 1 - 101 of 101 items
Showing 1 - 101 of 101 items

TV units that will suit every space and style

Choosing a high-gloss furniture piece will give your living room a sleek look. Its minimalist style has become a popular addition to modern interior, which makes it a must-have for contemporary homes. And this useful storage space comes in various sizes, shapes, and style options.

Should you go for a small or large TV stand?

Our catalogue consists of many high gloss TV units that are designed to match any room in your house. A small TV stand can neatly fit into a corner and still provide different storage designs, or a combination of shelves and drawers. A large unit is perfect for spacious living areas or a room with an open space layout.

Do you want to relax and watch your show in peace while in bed? You can find a TV stand that can match the vibe of your bedroom. It will also help make that specific spot clean as it has plenty of storage space for cables and other essential items you want to store in it.

If you need further help with picking out the right high-gloss furniture for your entertainment unit, check out our detailed guide on How to choose a modern TV stand.

White high-gloss TV units for a contemporary look

A white high-gloss TV unit is an excellent way for organizing and storing your TV, game consoles, CD and DVD players, as well as controllers. The colour itself makes it suitable to be placed anywhere in your house to complement other pieces of furniture.

Is your telly wall-mounted? Then you can use the surface for decorations, such as books, small vases, or simply put your TV box on it.

All of our high-gloss TV stands are crafted with the best quality materials and to the highest standards to impress any homeowners looking for luxurious units for their homes.

Want LED lighting? We offer additional LED lights!

We at Sena Home Furniture are eager to satisfy our customers' needs for premium white gloss TV cabinets. This is why we offer a wide variety of units where you have an option to include LED lights. It's up to you if you want to go for it for a subtle unique effect to your unit through its glass.

Some in-set LED lighting comes in different colours to match your mood. This gives an amazing touch for those looking to complete their gaming set-up or entertainment room.

Bespoke high-gloss furniture

Feeling unsure if the unit you like will fit the space you intended it for? Why not take advantage of our bespoke services.

Our collection of bespoke high-gloss TV stands is carefully made in accordance with the measurements you provide. We also take into account the viewing distance from your unit to your sofa to ensure a comfortable resting environment while watching your favorite movies and shows.

You just have to choose your ideal high-gloss TV unit, and we guarantee you its size, as well as the quality of every material and the whole stand itself.

What else can you use as a high-gloss TV unit?

You have many options from our high-gloss furniture to serve as your TV unit storage. You can compare each of them to help you create a modern piece for your television.

Shelving unit

In our bespoke furniture alone, you can find a shelving unit that is available in various sizes. Some also have a combination of drawers, shelves, wooden cupboards, and glass at the front.

High-gloss sideboards

We'll never get tired of saying how versatile sideboards are because they can also serve as modern TV cabinets. They're often longer and has cupboards with doors that have soft-push closers, whether it has handles or not.

Floating units

If you want a high-gloss TV stand that gives more room for floor space, then we recommend wall-mounted, low-level units. You can also upgrade their look by adding LED lights.

Curved stands

It may be out-of-the-ordinary, but this unusual design belongs to modern design furniture. The front is usually made of glass to protect the inside of the cabinets. Just check out our Air Wall Set.

Compartment box style units

You can opt for a white gloss TV unit with a traditional layout - open compartments to provide easy access to essentials and to display your possessions, just like the Score TV unit.

What material is used to make high-gloss TV units?

Normally, high-gloss TV stands are manufactured in MDF with PVC coating or laminate, or chipboard. Some units feature a matt carcass, then a high-gloss front and frame. And though white high-gloss TV cabinets can have a glass or not, there are pieces that are made with infrared-friendly glass so that your remote control will still work through it.

Shop for your very own high-gloss TV stand

Our collection of high-gloss TV units is carefully selected based on durability, quality, and style. You can choose a white gloss TV unit to match your décor, or we can have a custom-made cabinet for you with the colour you like, such as black or grey.

Whether you choose a white high-gloss unit, one with a combination of wood or a different material, or a stand with LED lights, you can shop confidently here with us online.

A simple click on the categories we have on the website can help you compare and shop for any piece of furniture you're looking for. If you want to see the items in person, you can visit our showroom. For any questions and concerns, you can contact us or connect with us via Facebook.