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Nothing keeps us going as much as a good night of well-deserved sleep. The bedroom is where you handle that part of your life, making it a very important room. And no piece of furniture is as crucial to achieving that goal than the bed. Not only we take care of their style but also of their functionality and durability, having said that we manufacture our beds with premium quality materials and according to the highest Italian standards! At Sena Home Furniture, we pay great attention to detail when crafting our furniture. By checking out our robust catalogue you can find out for yourself the wide variety of furniture that we offer.

Our beds are as comfortable as they look – find out for yourself!

Showing 1 - 45 of 45 items
Showing 1 - 45 of 45 items

Before choosing your new bed you should take some time to consider some crucial factors! At Sena Home Furniture, we got everything you are looking for, even if your needs will only be satisfied with a King sized bed or just a more practical storage bed we assure you that you will find it on our robust catalogue.

Additional storage:

Are you struggling to place all of your pillowcases and blankets into your wardrobe? Then a bed with extra storage is exactly what you are looking for! On top of their functionality, we will carefully craft them with the best materials so as to make them durable as well! So of the main materials, we use are MDF (Medium-density fibreboard) or even solid oak wood for extra durability! In addition, you can either choose a modern high gloss bed or a lacquered elegant one! Moreover, our furniture varies in terms of colours as well so as to help you express your personal interior taste.

Bespoke services:

At Sena Home Furniture, we always take care of our customers. Having said that we offer bespoke services even for your new bed! So, you just have to choose your ideal design and let us know about the dimensions you would like it and then we will carefully craft it using only the best quality materials!


Don't forget while choosing your new bed to measure all of its dimensions so as to be able to find the ideal mattress and matching accessories such as pillows and duvets! In addition, while choosing your new furniture it would be useful to check out the whole ‘Bedroom’ category so as to get inspiration for more bedroom furniture such as bedside cabinets or even a chest of drawers. Last but not least, at Sena Home Furniture, we offer the best quality materials at the finest prices of the UK!

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