Modern bedroom furniture: high gloss, white, black

At Sena Home Furniture we know that the bedroom is an incredibly important room. That's because it is the room where you start and finish your day. This means that your bedroom should be a place that gives you the motivation to get up every morning and, at the same time, it should provide you with the relaxation you are looking for every time before sleeping. Whether you are an early bird or a night owl, how you arrange this space can be a deciding factor in how well you can relax in your own home.

By checking our robust catalogue, you can find out that we offer a wide variety of bedroom furniture in terms of size, shape, design, and colour! By choosing your ideal furniture you can make a luxury bedroom or even an Italian looking bedroom, as a lot of our products are manufactured in Italy!

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In Japanese, 'Hayami' is described as a rare and unusual beauty, which is exactly how we portray our new resin range. Sister to...

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Bedroom furniture:

Bedside Cabinets:

At Sena home furniture, we take into consideration every single furniture for your bedroom! One of the most important pieces of furniture is a bedside cabinet. That's because it is the place you can store all of your nigh necessities in order to avoid any distraction while relaxing in your bed. In addition, before choosing your new cabinet have in mind the height of your bed so as to be easy for you to access your night essentials without moving from your sleeping position! Sena offers you a wide variety of cabinets all made by the best materials!

Chest of drawers/ bedroom sideboards:

This furniture can complement your wardrobe and offer you more storage. That way your bedroom will look tidier than ever! In addition, you can choose among tall or wide shape, it only depends on you and on the space of your bedroom! Our Chest of drawers comes in a variety of colours and finishes. Whether you are looking for a high gloss sideboard for a modern interior touch or for a wooden cabinet for a cosy atmosphere then -for sure- you will find it in our catalogue!


No need to say that the bed is the heart of your bedroom! It will be the place that you will rest after a hard working day! In our catalogue, you can find beds that vary in shape and size! While choosing your new bed to consider purchasing a wide/ narrow bed or even a bed which includes extra storage for your bedroom! At the same time, our beds are both functional and durable due to the fact that they are made by the finest materials!

Bedroom sets:

As we wanted to make it easier for you to decorate your new bedroom we separated our furniture into sets so as to give you the ability either to pick them in a more effective way! In every set, we organized all the essentials that you may ask for a practical yet modern bedroom!

Bespoke Bedroom Furniture

It's not easy to find the furniture that will fit into your room! That's why we offer bespoke furniture services! By saying bespoke services we mean that we will carefully craft your new furniture according to the measurements of your room! That way there is no reason to worry about its size! Moreover, we offer a wide variety of wardrobes, dressing tables. All of our furniture is made from the best quality materials and additionally, we carefully designed them so as to make them as functional as possible!

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