U shaped sofas

Few furniture types are as important for your living room as a proper multifunctional bed is. More likely than not, as the biggest piece of equipment in your salon, it will also be the centrepiece of it, and thus it must combine both functionality and great looks. For these purposes, no bedding appliances do it better than U-shaped sofas.

With its modern design, modular capabilities, and high-quality materials, it’s no wonder this large type of sectional became an instant hit with the customers. Here at Sena Home Furniture, we offer you a wide variety of unique U-shaped sofa sectionals in a diverse range of colours, shapes, fabrics, and sizes. Find your perfect couch and learn for yourself just how big of a difference it makes!

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Our BRAND NEW sofa collection is here! These modern sofas can be built in your own composition, you are the boss! What are you...

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Our BRAND NEW sofa collection is here! These modern sofas can be built in your own composition, you are the boss! What are you...

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These modern sofas can be built in your own composition, you are the boss! What are you waiting for?

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When Should You Choose A U-Shaped Sofa?

Although these sectionals are highly versatile and useful in any type of home, there are several situations in which they shine particularly strong:

If Your Apartment Is Tiny

If you live in a small apartment, there is nothing better than a U-shaped sofa to make the most of the living room's available space. With its massive size, it will provide all the seating space you need and give you a more comfortable and functional living area. Moreover, given how small and cramped the bedrooms in these types of homes can get, such a corner sofa bed can easily double as a reliable bed to sleep in with your partner. You'll never again have to worry about waking up in the claustrophobic confines of a tiny bedchamber or falling down from the minuscule beds that tend to fit there.

If You Absolutely Love Inviting A Lot Of Friends Over

What better way to make the most of your social life than by utilising the full properties of a U-shaped sofa? With its large seating area, it will be perfect for meetups with your friends. Whether you are throwing a birthday party, hosting a graduate one, or just want to have a couple of friends over to visit your makeshift cinema room, this type of sectional U shaped sofa will always be there to help you in your endeavours. Just place it in the middle of the room and let it become the lively social hub in your salon. If you like to entertain guests, you can't miss on a U-shaped sofa.

If You Want A Comfy Entertainment Station

If you are a hardcore gamer and have been struggling with finding a place for your gaming needs in your living room, a U-shape sofa will be an ideal solution. With its wide sectional arms, it can easily accommodate all of the necessary equipment (be it gaming hardware, delicious snacks or spare blankets if you decide to call it a day), turning your living room into the perfect gaming den. Even if you don't enjoy the versatile virtual pastimes, you can use such U shape sofas to comfortably host any sort of entertainment, whether it's watching movies, playing board games, or even playing truth or dare with your family.

If You Have A Big Family But A Tight Budget

If you have a large family, but your financial situation is tense, then a U-shape sofa is the best option for you. It will give you enough space for everyone to sit and even stretch their legs, allowing for a much more comfortable environment than the usual tiny couches and armchairs. Additionally, with its modular capabilities, you can easily expand it as needed. So, if your family gets to welcome additional members to the household or if your next of kin come over all at once, all you'll need to do is order a couple of extra parts for the sectional. These offer a significant increase in usable space for a much lower price than most small couches. And unlike the latter, these sectional additions will fit your main U-shaped sofas perfectly, in every aspect.

Now that we know the main motivations behind purchasing this type of sectional, let's focus on the next part.

Ultimate U-Shaped Sofas' Tips And Tricks

In this part, you'll find some recommendations to consider if you've decided on getting yourself a "U" sofa. Follow the advice below to make sure that you know what to do and how to care for it.

Measure Your Living Room And Understand Your Sofa's Dimensions

Before you get your U shaped corner sofa, you should know its dimensions. This way, you can get an initial idea of how the piece will look in your furniture arrangement. Most manufacturers will have all of the dimensions listed on their product descriptions, so don't hesitate to check it out to find the one that fits your needs. For maximum confidence, try to look up a similarly sized sectional in a retail furniture store in order to guarantee that it doesn't take up too much space.

The next step is to measure your lounge or living room's available space. This way, you'll be able to visualise the sofa in said area, giving you a proper size comparison. Remember to always take your other furniture's sizes into account - you don't want to discover halfway through the placing process that your existing equipment prevents some parts from being installed.

Know How Many People Will Use It Daily

This point has already been mentioned, but now it's time to address it in a bit more detail. As mentioned above, U shape sofas are a perfect fit for large families, allowing you and your kids to easily and comfortably sit on them without ever feeling cramped. The very same applies to big family reunions and home parties. This type of product is simply tailor-made (pun intended) for large-scale gatherings. But it doesn't end there. If you're not a fan of large and intense social activities at home and you much prefer a family on a smaller side, a U-shaped sofa will work for you too. Thanks to its inherent modularity, all you need to do is uninstall the additional parts and leave only the core, itself a perfect size for a small couch. Modularity means versatility.

Decide On A Way To Protect Your Flooring

Since a U-shape sofa bed is a bit bulkier than the usual furniture, you should take its weight into account and think about how to protect your floor from potential scratches and scuffs. You can do this a couple of ways:

Buy Sofa Leg Pads

The simplest method is to place some sofa leg pads under the legs of your sectional. These pads will protect both your flooring and the furniture itself from any unwanted scratches and colours loss. Moreover, they will significantly reduce the amount of friction your new sectional produces, making it much easier to quickly and effortlessly rearrange it to your liking.

Use Area Rugs

This is a more sophisticated way of protection. First, you should buy a stylish area rug to be placed under your sectional to protect the flooring. If the latter is carpeted, this may not be necessary, but if it's hardwood or laminate, then it will be. Additionally, you can also lay down additional runners in order to prevent the furniture from sliding at all times.

Decide On A Colour And Materials Your Sectional Will Be Made Of

Just like any other piece of furniture, U shaped sofas come in a variety of colours and materials to choose from. Which one you choose will depend on your personal taste and budget. If you want to match the colour of your new U shaped sectional with the colour scheme of your current furniture, then it's best to go for a neutral colour like black, grey, beige, etc. If you're not the type to follow patterns too strictly, then you can go for more bold choices like red or yellow. If you don't know anything about the colours that would look good in your home, then feel free to ask an interior designer or someone with similar experience.

As for the materials used to manufacture your U shape sofa - wood is a classic choice, but if you're looking for something a bit more modern-looking, then metal may be a better alternative. Just make sure that whichever material you choose, it's easy to clean and long-lasting. After all, a sectional is a big piece of furniture, and you'll have to service it regularly. Also, base your choice between a textile fabric or leather not only on your preferences but also on the circumstances. Leather sofas are easy to clean up when it comes to spills and stains, but a cat can do significantly more damage to them as compared to a fabric one.

Consider Adding Sleeper Sectionals

If you're planning on using your sectional as a bed, then the sleeper option will come in handy. The way it works is that, by removing certain parts of the sectional, you'll be able to turn the entire sofa into one large bed. This is a great way to save space and invest in just one large piece of furniture that does the job of two.

There are two types of sleeper sectionals: with an attached bed and without an attached bed. The first one is simple. These are just normal sectionals with the addition of mattresses and a couple of pillows. The drawback is that you can't remove the sofa's back, so it will always be there and may get in the way during the day.

As for the second type, it works by creating a large hole in the middle of your sectional where you can place the mattress. This way, you won't have to deal with an awkwardly placed back piece. As for the pros and cons, it's up to you to decide which option fits your needs better.

Once you've decided on getting this type of sectional, visit our website and have a look at our selection of U-shaped corner sofas. Go to Sena Home Furniture, find the couch of your dreams and enjoy the highest quality product for a reasonable price.