Aria Table/Desk with Bench SET - IN STOCK

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Aria Table/Desk with Bench SET - IN STOCK

Aria Table/Desk with Bench SET - IN STOCK

This amazing handcrafted Aria table is a combination of two superior quality materials, wood, and glass. The table and bench are constructed of natural walnut wood, the hue and character of the grain shine through the clean finish. Selected boards are embedded in a transparent way. Thanks to this combination, we achieve a modern and timeless look. Our homes reflect our needs and sensibilities. Natural wood is a very durable material. It can be renewed many times in a very simple way. It's a space that works for you, from morning till night.  

Table finish: walnut wood, glass

Legs: Painted steel



  • W: 120 cm
  • D: 60 cm
  • H: 70 cm


  • W: 100 cm
  • D: 35 cm
  • H: 40 cm 



Our tables are made by hand out a natural raw material that is wood. When buying a table, bear in

mind the characteristics of the wood; that is why please not that the product—if it was ordered on

the basis of a model—may differ in its colour from the table presented in the display or in the picture

and it will not be identical to the presented model since it was hand-made. The presented model or

wood sample is intended to show the structures and shape of the wood and the woodworking

manner and it does not include all characteristics of the product. The colour of the model or wood

sample is intended to show the colour trend of the chemical products applied to the wood surface;

due to the natural properties of wood, there might be colour deviations. Similarly, due to the nature

of wood and a potential mute resin colour in the picture, the colour of the applied epoxy resin may

also be different. The product will be as close to the model as possible, considering that fact that it

will be hand-made, and the differences will result from the properties of wood as a natural raw

material. Please note that when treating a natural raw material that is wood, there are also some

small irregularities, discolouration or micro-cracks which emphasise the beauty of this product and

are subject to a complaint. The air bubbles appearing in the resin due to the natural pushing of air

from the wood structure are also not subject to a complaint.

Due to the characteristics of wood, colour of the table may change during its use. This can be caused

by solar radiation or the manner in which the table has been used. Therefore, in the course of using

the table and its ageing process, there may be some natural changes in the colour; this will also not

be subject to a complaint.

When ordering a wooden table, please bear in mind the natural properties and characteristics of

wood, particularly its tendency to change the colour, a wide range of colours, and differences

resulting from the grain and structure. The diverse nature of wood is a well-known fact; that is why

after you buy a table, we will not accept complaints resulting from a lack of knowledge as to the

natural characteristics of wood.

Delivery time: 1-14 days