Adele 90cm Cabinet in White and Green High Gloss Lacquer Finish

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Adele 90cm Cabinet in White and Green High Gloss Lacquer Finish

Adele 90cm Cabinet in White and Green High Gloss Lacquer Finish

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Introducing our modern high gloss lacquer cupboard – ADELE. Make a stylish statement and reflect your personality with this contemporary furniture piece, now available in a striking white and green glossy finish.

Are you in search of furniture that effortlessly blends practicality with aesthetics while perfectly complementing various interior designs? Look no further than our ADELE cupboard. This versatile piece harmoniously integrates into diverse room arrangements, making it an ideal choice for those seeking both functionality and style.

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS: ADELE cupboard offers a functional and stylish solution for storing your valuable items. With 1 door and 2 drawers, it provides ample space for all your storage needs. Practical shelves and drawers facilitate organization, while the concealed storage system helps maintain a clutter-free home.

What sets the ADELE cupboard apart is its premium craftsmanship. Its body is coated with high gloss white lacquer, while the front is available in either high gloss white or green lacquer. This harmonious color combination gives it a unique and eye-catching appearance, adding charm to your interior.

Notably, the ADELE cupboard's dimensions make it suitable even for smaller spaces, ensuring functionality regardless of your living space's size. In the ADELAIDE collection, you'll find other furniture pieces that beautifully complement this cupboard, allowing you to create a cohesive and harmonious decor scheme that reflects your individual style.

By choosing the ADELE white and green high gloss cupboard, you enjoy numerous benefits. Its ease of maintenance ensures that you can enjoy its beautiful appearance for years to come. The black handles add a touch of uniqueness, setting it apart from other furniture pieces.

INTERIOR DECOR IDEAS: The modern ADELE cupboard is an excellent choice for those embracing Scandinavian or retro-style interiors. The combination of white and pastel green works exceptionally well in such settings. Both the ADELE cupboard and other items from the collection shine in bright spaces. Consider complementing this arrangement with simple wooden shelves for added character.


  • High gloss
  • Functional shelves
  • Drawers
  • White and green colors
  • Practical handles


  • Easy to clean
  • Modern appearance
  • Unique handles

Elevate your living space with the ADELE white and green high gloss cupboard. Its functionality, contemporary design, and superior craftsmanship will exceed your expectations. Don't wait any longer – infuse a dash of freshness and elegance into your home's interior today!

Dimensions : 

Width: 90 cm

Depth: 40 cm 

Height: 153 cm 

Delivery time : Aprox. 3-5 weeks.