Vocal Wall unit in Black High Gloss

£ 720 incl. VAT

Our Vocal modern wall unit blends elegance and minimalism, this composition is full of beautiful and high-quality details. Vocal is an amazing combination of contrasting black and white colours. That eye-catching simple elegance with LED lights will add a sparkle to any contemporary living room.

* Modern design
* Curved on both sides
* Display cabinets are partially-glazed with tempered glass and illuminable blue compartments
* push to open mechanism

H: 170cm
W: 280cm
D: 50cm
TV Cabinet: W170cm x H42cm x D50cm
TV Cabinet: W110cm x H42cm x D50cm
Hanging Display Cabinet x 2: W110cm x H35 x D36cm
Wall Shelves: W110cm x H2,2cm x D20cm

4-8 weeks

Let our delivery and assembly services do the hard work for you.

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