Vicenza Coffee Table in Greyblack and Oak Lava

£ 439 incl. VAT

Discover our premium collection of modern German lounge furniture, featuring elegant oak lava (dark) and sleek grey black matte lacquered fronts. This contemporary collection offers both pre-assembled and partially-assembled pieces, providing flexibility and convenience for your living space. Whether you choose our wall-mounted shelf, coffee table, or dining table, each piece is designed for style and functionality.

The front panels are crafted from high-quality MDF with a matte black-grey lacquer finish, framed with aluminum in the same chic color scheme. The external frame is clad in vulcano oak veneer with a matt lacquer, adding depth and warmth to the design. Inside, the panels are constructed with vulcano-colored laminated boards for durability.

Visible back panels are coated with matte black-grey lacquer, while non-visible back panels feature vulcano oak foil, offering a consistent look throughout. The metal handles and legs, also in matte black-grey, seamlessly integrate into the design. The collection incorporates black glass for the doors and shelves, providing a sophisticated touch.

Experience the convenience of soft-close drawers and doors, ensuring smooth and silent operation. The integrated white LED lighting, with touch controls, adds a modern and functional element to the collection. Elevate your home with this exquisite modern German lounge furniture collection, designed to bring style, comfort, and durability into your living space.

Seamless compatibility with other decor elements
An elegant addition to your space

Length:  105 cm

Height :  45 cm

Depth:    65 cm

MDF tabletop with laminate


4-7 weeks


Product Features: The Vicenza coffee table embodies modern design, characterized by clean lines and sleek shapes.

Interior Arrangements: The grey color of the coffee table lends it an elegant and neutral appearance. Gray is a versatile hue that seamlessly complements other decor elements, creating a harmonious overall look. The Carli coffee table in grey effortlessly blends with other furniture and decor items. It harmonizes beautifully with both modern, minimalist interiors and more classic or Scandinavian styles.

Let our delivery and assembly services do the hard work for you.

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