Tree Root Unique Round Coffee Table with Glass

£ 1500 incl. VAT

By being close to nature, you eliminate stress, get rid of bad emotions, and feel relaxed, it has a positive effect on your health and allows you to acquire new energy. Open yourself up to this, thanks to furniture made of natural wood. A coffee table is often the focal point of your living room, it is worth making it stand out with its uniqueness; be different from all the others. Natural furnitures possess individuality and exclusivity – each piece is different, you can be sure that no one will have an identical coffee table. After a long day away from home, enter your living room, take a comfortable seat on the couch with a cup of coffee, and feel fantastic.

* One Of A Kind Functional Work Of Art
* Solid Teak Root
* Glass Top

H: 50 cm

W: 90 cm

4-8 weeks


It is allowing to our remarkable coffee table; the base of which is made of a natural root. The essence of production is to carefully clean the root of any dirt, dry it and then protect the surface. This tedious process is what makes the final product of the highest quality!

The outstanding quality of matte varnish emphasizes the structure of the wood and protects it from damage. Any abrasions, gaps, or unevenness are an organic feature of this product and are what binds the nature to the product.

  • Each piece is, therefore, one of a kind and unmatched.

Let our delivery and assembly services do the hard work for you.

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