Toledo A Hallway Furniture Set In Oak Veneer

£ 1250£ 1500 incl. VAT

Looking to elevate your hallway with a complete furniture set? Look no further!

The modern Yorkshire hallway furniture set offers a comprehensive solution that seamlessly aligns with contemporary interior trends. This set encompasses various pieces designed to optimize space and functionality in your hallway. From a shoe cabinet to a coat hanging panel, a bench with two drawers, a mirror with a small shelf, and two decorative frames, this set caters to all your hallway needs.

A standout piece in the Toledo collection
Loft-style design

width 101 cm – depth 38 cm – height 46 cm

Chest of drawers
width 81 cm – depth 38 cm – height 104 cm

width 66 cm – depth 38 cm – height 196 cm

Wall panel
width 90 cm – depth 28 cm – height 113 cm

width 81 cm – depth 2 cm – height 70 cm

Natural Oak Veneer Finish

3-5 weeks


PRODUCT FEATURES Crafted from the same high-quality veneered furniture board as the Yorkshire wardrobe, each piece in this hallway furniture set features the authentic layer of oiled oak wood on its fronts and body. The shoe cabinet provides ample storage for footwear, while the coat hanging panel keeps outerwear organized and easily accessible. The bench with two drawers offers seating and additional storage space for smaller items, ensuring a clutter-free hallway. The mirror with a small shelf adds functionality and style, while the decorative frames enhance the aesthetic appeal of your hallway decor.

The Yorkshire hallway furniture set boasts durability and stability, making it suitable for high-traffic areas like hallways and entryways. Its versatile design and neutral finish effortlessly blend with any interior decor style, from traditional to modern. Despite the absence of handles, the furniture set features convenient features such as soft-close fronts for quiet operation and adjustable shelves for customizable storage options.

INTERIOR DESIGN IDEAS Create a cohesive and elegant hallway ensemble by pairing the Yorkshire hallway furniture set with other pieces from the collection. Whether combined with the shoe cabinet, dresser, coat rack, or mirror, this furniture set adds a touch of vintage sophistication to any hallway. The natural oak veneer finish complements various interior design styles, making it a versatile choice for any home.

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