Riverside “B” Living Room Furniture Set in Light Grey With LED Lights

£ 1429£ 1670 incl. VAT

Introducing Riverside furniture that seamlessly blends modern design with functionality.

Its width and ample storage space will help you keep your home accessories and gadgets organized.

The Riverside collection fits seamlessly into various interior designs. Perfect for rustic, cottagecore, and classic styles.

You can place it in the living room or the family room, creating a central spot for watching TV or listening to music.

The Riverside furniture boasts an intriguing color combination. The contrast between the body and the top adds character to the modules.

The light grey laminate and Artisan oak top draw attention.

With the Riverside collection, your living room will gain a modern character, making TV watching even more enjoyable.”

Total Size:

Width: 363cm
Height: 201cm
Depth: 41cm

Set Includes:

Narrow Display Cabinet
Width: 65cm
Height: 201cm
Depth: 41cm

TV Stand
Width: 171cm
Height: 53cm
Depth: 41cm

Display Highboard:
Width: 97cm
Height: 130cm
Depth: 41cm

Hanging Shelf:
Width: 153cm
Height: 22cm
Depth: 22cm

Body/Front: Light grey laminate
Accents: Artisan oak laminate
Black Handles

3-6 weeks



Body/Front: Light grey laminate
Accents: Artisan oak laminate

Minimalist, light design
Eye-catching appearance
Storage space”

Let our delivery and assembly services do the hard work for you.

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