Milto Modern Tall Storage Cabinet in Dusk Blue

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Introducing our stylish and functional modern lounge storage cabinet – the Milton High Cabinet. Measuring 49x37x140 cm, this piece of furniture is a perfect fit for a wide range of interior spaces. Crafted with precision, its body and front are made from high-quality laminate, blending beautiful shades of blue-grey and anthracite. This unique color combination gives the cabinet its distinctive character, making it the centerpiece of your room.

Modern design
Matte finish on the fronts

Length: 49cm

Height: 140cm

Depth: 37cm


Blue-grey/anthracite laminate

Two doors with a drawer

Matte finish

3-5 weeks


Product Features: The Milton High Cabinet in blue-grey features two doors that can be mounted on either the left or right side, allowing you to customize it to your individual preferences and room layout. Additionally, it includes a drawer that provides extra storage space for smaller items like keys, favorite books, or trinkets.

The Milton High Cabinet not only looks fantastic but is also incredibly practical. Its ample shelf space enables you to organize and store various items, from books and albums to dishes and dining accessories. This piece of furniture can accommodate everything you need while maintaining a sense of order and aesthetic appeal in your interior.

Interior Decor: The Milton High Cabinet is also an ideal decorative element. You can adorn its surface with your favorite photo frames, a potted plant, or other personal accents that reflect your style and personality. This cabinet will catch the eye of your guests and create a unique atmosphere in your home.

Unique Furniture Features: Choose the Milton High Cabinet and enjoy not only its beautiful appearance but also the functionality and practicality it offers. This furniture piece perfectly combines aesthetics and utility, adding style and organization to your interior. Discover how easily you can create a harmonious space with the Melton High Cabinet.

Elevate your interior with the Milton High Cabinet, a versatile and visually striking addition that brings both style and organization to your living space.


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