Kenio 227cm Large Sideboard in Tobacco Oak and Matt Black

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Introducing our remarkable modern large sideboard, finished in a rich dark oak veneer – the KENIO. This unique piece of furniture seamlessly combines expansive storage capacity with an elegant aesthetic. Interior Design Flexibility The KENIO sideboard, with its tobacco oak and matte black finish, effortlessly complements both contemporary and classic interior designs. Its elegant craftsmanship and ample storage options make it a perfect addition to your living room, bedroom, or dining area.

Modern design
Functional construction
Abundant storage space

Length: 227cm

Depth: 40cm

Height: 78cm

Laminated board

Oak tobacco-bronze and matte black laminated body/front

7 shelves

3-5 weeks


Distinctive Finish The KENIO sideboard captivates with its fusion of tobacco-brown oak and matte black on the body and front. This unconventional color pairing gives the piece a distinctive character and allows it to harmonize with various interior arrangements. Unique Furniture Features This sideboard not only ensures organized storage but also adds a unique character to your space. With a length of 227 cm, it offers an elegant design, spaciousness, and sturdy construction. Your belongings will always be neatly arranged, while your interior will exude a unique charm.

Ample Storage Space Behind four tobacco oak-toned doors, you’ll discover spacious shelves capable of accommodating a variety of items, from books to decorative pieces. In the center, on an open matte black shelf, you can display your favorite ornaments or keep everyday essentials within reach. Below, two convenient drawers in the same finish provide an ideal spot for items you need at your fingertips.


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