Infinity Square coffee table with Smoked Glass top

£ 279 incl. VAT

Introducing the INFINITY SQUARE coffee table, a perfect complement for contemporary interiors, embracing both glamour and modern aesthetics. Beyond its primary function of offering a versatile tabletop, it presents a visual feast for the eyes.

Length: 55 cm

Depth: 55 cm

Height: 55 cm

Top – Smoked Glass
Chrome frame

3-5 weeks


The frame’s unique pattern adds an element of individuality, resonating differently with each observer, yet exuding enduring beauty while reinforcing the structure. This intriguing and sophisticated addition ensures that the table doubles as a stunning salon decoration. The tabletop, crafted from high-quality glass, alleviates concerns about stains or wear. Meanwhile, the base, made of chrome steel, boasts high resistance to rust and chipping.

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