Infinity Square Coffee Table with Grey Ceramic Top

£ 249 incl. VAT

The INFINITY SQUARE coffee table is a product that seamlessly fits into both modern and contemporary interiors. With a smoky marble top, it stands out as a striking ornament for any living room. This table is an ideal addition to both larger and smaller spaces, effortlessly blending in while making a statement. It pairs exceptionally well with its larger counterpart, the INFINITY , creating a practical and cohesive interior ensemble.

Length: 55 cm

Depth: 55 cm

Height: 55 cm

Top – Grey Ceramic
Black Metal frame

3-5 weeks


Featuring a captivating and eye-catching powder-coated black steel frame, the square coffee table, INFINITY SQUARE, boasts an extraordinarily interesting design. The interwoven steel elements beneath the tabletop not only enhance stability but also grant it a distinct and stylish edge, setting it apart from other offerings.

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