Gomez 120cm Dining Table made of smoked glass and polycarbonate

£ 550 incl. VAT

Are you in search of a modern, elegant table that stands out in your interior? Look no further than the Gomez table, transparent: crafted from smoked glass and polycarbonate, making it an excellent choice. The materials used in the Gomez table are undeniably trendy and elegant, adding a distinctive style to your space. Smoked glass is not only easy to maintain but also lends a sophisticated touch. Additionally, polycarbonate is UV-resistant, ensuring the table retains its beauty and color for years, perpetually maintaining its flawless appearance

Dimensions: 120/80/74 cm

Length (Range): 120

Height: 74

Width (Range): 80

Material: Glass / Polycarbonate
Color: Smoked
Style: Glamour, Modern
Table Size: 4-seater, 6-seater
Frame Material: Polycarbonate
Tabletop Shape: Rectangular
Tabletop Material: Glass
Frame Color: Smoked
Extendable Top: NO
Number of Legs: 4
Tabletop Color: Transparent (Smoked)

3-6 weeks


Ideal for those who value simplicity, elegance, and functionality, the Gomez table will beautifully complement a modern and minimalist interior.
Moreover, the material’s transparency visually enlarges the room and brings a sense of airiness. This feature makes it an excellent solution for smaller spaces that avoid overcrowding.

In summary, the Gomez table is the perfect solution for those seeking a stylish, modern piece of furniture that seamlessly harmonizes with various interior styles, capturing attention with its unique design. This versatile piece is designed to impress, catering to those with an eye for sleek, contemporary furniture that seamlessly fits into diverse interior designs.

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