Dublin Solid Oak Dining Table in Various Finishes and Sizes 180cm-400cm

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Introducing the Dublin Lacquered Wooden Dining Table, a dream come true for those envisioning a spacious dining area for exquisite gatherings. With customizable wood color options and table sizes, this sturdy oak table promises years of reliable service. Its thick, robust legs add charm while ensuring proper support.

PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS Presenting the table of dreams for enthusiasts of spacious dining rooms and elegant gatherings – the Dublin  Lacquered Wooden Dining Table. Featuring a solid construction and available in various colors and sizes, this table can accommodate from 6 to as many as 14 people, with a maximum length of up to 4 meters. The table’s natural wood top, with its characteristic cracks, indentations, and knots, adds a unique charm.

INTERIOR ARRANGEMENTS The versatile design of the Belfast/Leeds oak table seamlessly fits into a range of interior styles, from classic to modern, retro, and Scandinavian. It’s a piece that gains character through well-chosen accents and chairs. With a wide range of sizes and colors, it allows for the perfect fit in any space. Additionally, if you tire of the wood color, you can always refresh it with a different stain.

UNIQUE FURNITURE FEATURES Available in various colors to match individual preferences and interior decor. Moreover, customers have the option to choose the table size, accommodating from 6 to 14 people. Characteristic cracks, indentations, and knots on the tabletop emphasize the authenticity of the wood, giving the furniture a unique character and charm. Thick, sturdy legs not only enhance aesthetics but also provide stability and durability, ensuring prolonged use. In case of changing tastes, the table can be stained in a different color, allowing for easy refreshing of its appearance without the need for replacement. A prominent, 11-centimeter side edging around the tabletop adds elegance and highlights the charm of the furniture.

BENEFITS Perfect for spacious dining rooms: suitable for organizing gatherings and family meetings Fits into many interior styles Durable and robust Personalization: option to choose wood color and size

FINISH The large, solid Dublin table is meticulously crafted from sturdy wood, with a tabletop thickness of 3 cm. Additionally, the side edging, combined with the tabletop, creates an impressive 11-centimeter width. The table features the natural wood grain with visible cracks, indentations, and knots, making it visually appealing. The leg thickness varies depending on the chosen table size, with stylish overlays mounted on the sides of the legs.



180.0 cm / 78.0 cm / 90.0 cm

220.0 cm / 78.0 cm / 100.0 cm

260.0 cm / 78.0 cm / 100.0 cm

300.0 cm / 78.0 cm / 120.0 cm

400.0 cm / 78.0 cm / 120.0 cm

Available colours:

(please email us your colour choice)

– Bianco Oak
– Wild Oak
– Bassano Oak
– Old Oak

4-10 weeks


Due to the material from which the table was made, your order may slightly differ from the table shown in the picture in terms of the shape of the tree, its structure, dimension, and grain.

Castelio Solid Old Oak Wooden Dining Table 180 cm













Castelio Solid Old Oak Wooden Dining Table 180 cm

Castelio Solid Old Oak Wooden Dining Table 180 cm











Castelio Solid Old Oak Wooden Dining Table 180 cm


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