Dorian solid wood extendable dining table

£ 889£ 1139 incl. VAT

The Oak table available in 180,200 or 220cm , contains the beauty,modernity and elegance.Wood as natural material always remains fashionable,resisting all fashions and trends.Wooden tables give a warm touch to any interior and exelent fit into different styling from the classic through eclectic to modern.The table feautures from a smooth surface that is easy to keep clean.

Table is supplied in for self-assembly with instructions inside.

140-220cm x 77 x 90cm,leg 10x10cm
160-240cm x 77 x 90cm,leg 10x10cm
180-280cm x 77 x 100cm,12x12cm

Available in sizes :

140cm , 160cm , 180cm

Natural Solid Oak Bianco  or Beech wood
Each top can be different : Cracks, dents , holes
2 x extensions , 40cm each

Let our delivery and assembly services do the hard work for you.

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