Concord 140-180cm Golden Oak Extendable Table with Glass Ceramic Top

£ 770 incl. VAT

If you’re in search of a modern, extendable table that’s both functional and stylish, you’ll undoubtedly appreciate the Concord extendable table. It features a glass tabletop in grey marble color and a grooved wooden leg.

Type: extendable table Craftsmanship

Dimensions: 140-180/80/76 cm,

Table Size: 8-seater, 6-seater

extendable table,
materials: Glass / lacquered MDF / Oak Veneer
colors: tabletop – Grey glass- ceramic imitation
Style: modern

3-6 weeks


The dark marble-colored ceramic top is an elegant and timeless choice, seamlessly complementing various interior designs. Not only is ceramic durable, but it’s also easy to maintain, ensuring your table serves you well for years to come. This table is sure to catch your guests’ attention, elevating the elegance of your home. Additionally, the extendable top allows for accommodating more guests comfortably. Don’t hesitate any longer—invest in this modern and practical furniture piece that will serve you for years to come!

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