Colin Extendable Dining Table 160-200 cm

£ 850 incl. VAT

Whether you’re planning on dining alone, or are expecting guests, you can count on this table. It’s a perfect element of any space, no matter the size of the room – the piece is extending, so you can adjust it to your needs. Its top is made out of glass and MDF board in black which doesn’t require daily care. The rest of the table is crafted of grey stainless steel. The piece is also attention-drawing thanks to its unique base.

H: 77 cm

W: 160 cm up to 200 cm

D: 90 cm

  • material: glass / lacquered MDF / stainless steel
  • color:  black / walnut

6-9 weeks

Let our delivery and assembly services do the hard work for you.

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