Astoria Extendable Dining Table in Glamour Style 160-220 cm

£ 999 incl. VAT

The Glamorous interior style is one of the most feminine, elegant, and sophisticated design styles. The whole idea of Glam decor is to make your room look full, dramatic, and expensive. A glam dining room style is all about luxury and elegance. Furniture and accessories are typically ornate and finely detailed, luxurious finishes.

H: 77 cm

W: 160 cm up to 220 cm

D: 90 cm

* Easy extends

* Glamour design

* Material: ceramic / lacquered MDF, steel

* Colour: top-grey marble effect, pedestal base – light grey, gold

6-9 weeks


What is glamour in interior design?

Glam but also perfect for families, the Astoria Extending Dining Table not only looks incredibly sleek, but it’s also fit for purpose too. This attractive, quality table will serve as a stunning centre piece for your dining room. The chic glamour design is going to complement your modern home. This rectangular shape dining table extends from 160 cm to 220 cm and accommodates 6-8 people. The tabletop is made using the finest MDF and ceramics that not just gives a smooth and consistent look but equally contributes to making the table sturdy and stable. Get it in distinctive ceramic for an attractive and hard-wearing finish.

Let our delivery and assembly services do the hard work for you.

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