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Maganda weather station with clock

£ 280.00 vat incl.

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Maganda weather station with clock

Maganda weather station with clock

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Corino collection is dedicated to living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms and it is a harmonious combination of simplicity, functionality and natural beauty. Modular furniture of dynamic, geometric forms and contrastive material matchings is available in two colours: natural oak with black and walnut with black. Being made from solid oak wood elements and natural oak veneer it is a great embellishment of any interior. These precious materials are surrounded by glass and upholstery which make the collection has a unique feature. LED illumination, which lights the inside of cabinets, chests, drink sections and display cabinets in a discrete way, is also an excellent emphasis of furniture’s aesthetic values.


    • Elements included in station:
      - Quartz Clock;
      - Barometer;
      - Hygrometer;
      - Thermometer.
    • Mounted to the wall
    • Two colour options:
      - walnut / black;
      - natural oak / black

Available finishes:

Natural Oak

mebin kolor dab naturalny czarny

Oak Walnut

mebin kolor orzech antyczny czarny


  • Width 20 cm
  • Height 100 cm
  • Depth 4 cm


Delivery: 7-9 Weeks

Product ready assembled