Castle - bedroom starter set

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Castle - bedroom starter set

Castle - bedroom starter set


Lovely set for both a boy and a girl. Great even for a small room.Amazing functionality and appearance.

A set is an excellent and practical solution for parents, but especially for children it makes the room a "fortress" not only to sleep but also a great place for a playing time in the "kingdom" .

  • made of MDF
  • rounded edges.
  • Rugged and durable construction ensures safe use of furniture for a few years.
  • bed strenght-120kg!.
  • Total height 220cm bed width 95cm.
  • mattress size 180x90cm(optional 200x90) at a height of 150cm.
  • acrylic paints  

The kit includes:

CASTLE mezzanine bed mattress 180x90cm 

Desk CASTLE (the mezzanine or standing with legs)  

Chest/stairs CASTLE - five drawers 

CASTLE freestanding cabinet 

Furniture can be customized, and the offer is only an example.


- Bed CASTLE low (matched mezzanines) -
- Shelf 
- Table and 2 chairs 
- Shelf above the desk 
- Universal ComfortChair chair
- CASTLE toy box - size 50x80x50
- Mattress 180x90cm:

Mezzanine bed 

W220/195 x D184 cm x S95

180x90 mattress, down mattress at the height of 150 cm

Height from the bottom side of the upper mattress 70/45

Standing under a mezzanine bed

W75/60 x S92 x D180 cm
Mattress 176x88

2-door wardrobe

S80 x W145 x G52 cm
S80 x W145 x G40 cm

Chest / steps
S45 x W195 x G130 cm

Desk, or standing at the mezzanine

W73 x S100 x75 cm

S80 x W55 x G30 cm
Shelf over the desk

W29 x S100 G15 cm
The toy box

S80 x W53 x G42 cm

W54 x D80 cm S50
S35 x W59 x G40 cm