Whether you're ordering a sofa, TV unit, or any other piece of furniture from our extensive offer, it goes without saying that the way the product is delivered to you is extremely important. At Sena Home Furniture, we do our absolute best to ensure that you receive exactly the delivery you need.


Working with the best experts

In order to ensure the best level of security, quality, and speed of delivery, we work with some of the best delivery experts in the country. No package is too big or too small to be delivered in a manner that's both safe and reliable, as all the experts we work with have the exact vehicles required for the job. They can guarantee the level of quality that they can all thanks to their many years of experience in the field.

Additionally, we also provide deliveries on our own. Thanks to our friendly delivery team, we can provide you with a delivery service that's not just efficient, but also pleasant on every step of the way.


Where we reach

As part of our service, we deliver our goods across England, Scotland, and South Wales - those are the standard areas we cater to, offering door-to-door delivery, as well as installation and delivery of pre-assembled furniture.

Our price will largely depend on the distance and the number of additional features selected - contact us now and find out how much your order will be for yourself!