Dona wall set - wenge

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Dona wall set - wenge

Dona wall set - wenge

The DORADE wall set in wenge comes with a choice of 2 different door colours


  • Glass shelves with LED lights included.
  • Glass parts are made of tempered glass.
  • PVC handles.
  • Self-assembly instructions included.


Wenge body

Batimore or Gloss White fronts




DIMENSIONS H/W/D - Height / Width / Depth


  •  Freestanding side cabinets: 33/100/45 cm (two pieces in the pack)
  • Freestanding central cabinet: 33/100/45 cm
  • Hanging glass-case: 120/40/29 cm (four pieces in the pack
  • Hanging panel: 60/100/25 cm
  • Overall dimensions: ~190/300/45 cm

DELIVERY USUALLY WITHIN 7-14 working days.
AVOID STRESS AND MESS! We can offer to build up this set in our factory and install in your home
  • Height 190cm
  • Width 300cm
  • Depth 40cm