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White Furniture Ideas for Living Room
5 MIN READ   |   7 May 2019   |   Arthur Guzowski

White Furniture Ideas for Living Room


When it comes to white it is neutral and exquisite colour. It allows you to arrange design of the room in various directions. The design, sustained in white shades, can be calm or spectacular. It can strike with exquisite refinement or incredible luxury. The interior of the living room with white furniture became popular especially at the beginning of the last century, becoming a symbol of wealth and aristocracy.

White furniture is a very popular modern furniture in the UK. White interiors filled with white furniture or other items and accessories have many advantages. It contributes to the visual extension of the space, which is important for small rooms, and also makes the room looking bright and cosy.

Here are a few ideas to help you correctly place the white furniture in your living room.

Black and white furniture

Black and white combination is a classic style in interior design. A room designed this way will certainly attract the attention of guests. White furniture looks very impressive against a dark wall or floor. The combination of white with a dark chocolate shade looks warm and cosy. White furniture in combination with contrasting walls or accessories is often used in modern interiors.

White colour and pastel colours

Currently a popular combination is white and soft pastel colours. It can be often found in living rooms in the Scandinavian and Provence style. In these kinds of interiors, often whitewashed wood is used.

White high gloss furniture

At first sight, the white high gloss furniture is very expensive and it seems to be difficult to clean. In fact, it has a huge advantage. It can visually enlarge the room, especially if the lighting is used correctly.

White sofa

The white sofa in the living room looks stylish, fashionable and simply beautiful. It will stand out significantly from the rest of the furniture, that’s for sure.

White furniture in the classic style

Classic style always involves light colours. White furniture in classic style will look stylish and expensive at all times.

A piece of advice! In the living room with lots of white in design, you can experiment with light. Properly directed light rays can emphasize the most advantageous areas of the room. It will be interesting to use different colour lights in this case.

White furniture is the perfect solution for many living rooms in different styles. It is important to competently combine this furniture with different materials used for walls, ceilings and floor space. The furniture itself can be presented in different forms, so it is recommended to combine upholstered furniture in the living room with modular or cabinet items. This will ensure the creation of a multifunctional and comfortable room.

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