What kind of upholstery should you choose for a sofa or corner unit? Should it be from fabric or leather?
5 MIN READ   |   19 February 2019   |   Arthur Guzowski

What kind of upholstery should you choose for a sofa or corner unit? Should it be from fabric or leather?


Upholstered furniture provides the real heart of the home. It is thanks to it that the interior is cosy, aesthetically and above all comfortable. No wonder that, considering the choice of sofas, couches, footstalls, armchairs and chairs, there is also a wide selection of upholstery materials. If you still have doubts whether to choose a fabric or organic leather, this short guide has been created for you.

Leather – advantages and disadvantages

This kind of material is a good choice for a family where there is a small child or a dog. It is easy to get all kinds of dirt, especially liquid out of it. Unfortunately, there are also stains that require more specialized means of extraction, such as pen marks. Leather does not stretch, so it retains its appearance for long and does not burst easily. In addition, it is available in many colours, but it is best presented in dark colours, close to the colours of the earth. It’s elegant looking quilt as the main feature comes out exquisitely.none

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Unfortunately, the leather should be preserved with appropriate measures. Only then will your sofa look impeccable for years. In the winter it may feel quite cool, but during the hot summer it cools the body nicely. However, not everyone likes the impression of the material “sticking” to the naked body. The leather also fits into a specific type of interior design. In practice, it finds itself in slightly cooler modern and minimalist rooms, most often in loft and industrial style.

Advantages and disadvantages of fabric

Fabric upholstery is still the most popular. No wonder, in the end it has a whole lot of advantages. Most of all, it is durable, especially if you choose high quality material. It is not uncommon for it to get discoloured, for example, due to the strong sunshine. It is soft and pleasant to the touch, although of course this also depends on the selection of a particular model. In this respect, many people like velvet or suede padding. The sofa covered with fabric is always cosy and warm, regardless of the season. These types of products are usually cheaper than leather products. In addition, its material does not pull.



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When choosing a fabric, it is worth paying attention to the parameters determining the technical characteristics of the fabric such as: weight, the Martindale test, pilling or friction resistance. When deciding on a upholstered corner unit, or couch is most often the choice for a long time, it is so important to choose the right fabric that will last a lot and will continue to look like it was brand new.



METRO modular 3 seat sofa and BOCCO – small corner sofa bed

However, the fabric does not only have the advantages. First of all, it is not recommended to use it in a home where allergy sufferers live. And for one simple reason – the fabric is harder to clean from the dirt that grows in it, which develops mites. This is, of course, possible, but more burdensome than with a leather that is simply washed with a damp cloth. The choice of material can also depend on the type of furniture to be covered with the particular material. In the end, upholstered furniture is not just a sofa and couch, but also armchairs and chairs. By deciding on a particular material it is better to use it consistently throughout the interior.

Style is important

Choosing the right kind of fabric largely depends on the design of the interior. Family rooms, warm, Scandinavian and classic, look good in the company of equally soft fabric. An ideal example of this is the XY foldable corner. Soft cushions, an extra shelf, wooden legs – it all makes the entirety cosy, homely and will appeal to those who put on a simplicity and friendly atmosphere. Leather, such as that used in the corner of a modern living room, gives more contemporary character.

Of course, both the leather and the classic fabric have their pros and cons. It is best to choose an upholstery in accordance with your own taste and the needs of your family. Colour preferences are also important, as leather is more often available in earth colours. Especially in Total Black it looks amazing and will definitely attract you.

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