What dining room table should you choose?

A dining room table is one of the most important things in the house. It usually involves receiving guest, celebrating and spending time with family. Before buying it, you should think about where the table should be placed. Of course, everything depends on the arrangement of space. The best solution is, of course, a separate dining room envisaged in house or flat design.

However, the available space usually does not allow for such facilities, which is why there is a dominating tendency to combine several functions in one larger room. Therefore, the dining room often becomes part of a kitchen or a living room. But, regardless of where the table will be placed, it should be conveniently accessible from all sides. This will make it easier to serve food and provide freedom in taking seats at the table and getting up from it.

The size and shape of the table

The standard height of dining tables is 74-76 cm, which ensures comfortable eating for adults. The size of the tabletop should be chosen in accordance to the size of the room and to the number of people who will usually use it. It is worth remembering that the table should be large enough to have a free area of 20cm width in the middle, so that dishes can be placed there. If we do not have enough space, a fold-out dining table will be the most versatile, because we can change its surface depending on the current needs. However, it requires enough space. Remember that a comfortable, fold-out table with chairs for eight people, requires about 12 m². In addition, it should be at least 60 cm away from the walls and furniture, so that people can walk around it freely.

OAK – solid wood round dining table

Round dining room table takes up optically less space than a fold-out table. It looks good in the middle of the room, but worse in the corner. In addition, the advantage of a round table is the division of seats, which makes them all equivalent.

CERTO – bespoke round extendable dining table

A rectangular table is more universal than a round table. It can be placed in the corner of the room as well as in the middle of it. However, places at the rectangular table are not equal, and sharp edges interfere with walking around it.

MADIE – solid wood dining table

An interesting solution may be an oblong table with rounded edges, for example an elliptical table. Streamlined shape – present in a traditional and modern version – will be more interesting, and the lack of sharp edges will be more convenient.

Wooden table

When choosing a dining table, it is very important to choose the material it will be made of. On the market, you can find wooden, metal, glass and plastic tables. It is worth noting that wooden tables are the most solid and best suited for interiors. Traditional wooden tables perfectly match with every dining room, whether it is furnished in classic or modern style. A great asset is the individual choice of shape, as well as the wealth of colours. Among the presented pieces, there are products in bright patterns and dark shades.

DORIAN – solid wood extendable dining table

Exceptional decorativeness of the products is ensured by natural raw material, which provides an excellent decoration due to its original and unique grain. In addition, we can be sure that a wooden table will serve its purpose for many years to come. It is worth noting that during the production of such tables, water-based varnishes and dyes are used, not solvent-based, which largely reduces the content of harmful substances.

ANDY Q – solid wood dining table

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