The dining room is a meeting place for the entire family. Generations interfuse, discussions are carried out, we share our time. Meals are the time to be together. That is why it is worth to devote some attention when designing the interior of our dining room.

The central point is the table which should fit the shape and style of the room, but most importantly constitute a comfortable place to eat. That is because the table is where we eat meals, play board games, meet with family and friends.

The style of the table, its color and material all decide about its integration with the surroundings. For classic dining rooms it’s best to choose a monochromatic table rich in decorative elements, while more extravagant solutions combining various materials and colors fit modern interiors better. The function to extend a table is very important in any room, as thanks to it the size of the table may be adjusted to the number of guests.

SENA’s offer includes a wide selection of extendable and coffee tables, starting with classic designs made out of wood, ending with more modern tables with their tops made from glass or metal. When choosing the correct table, it’s worth to focus mainly on its purpose. Therefore, for the kitchen or dining room, where we will consume and prepare meals, we are going to choose a table with a solid and stable construction, ideally one made from wood or veneered LDF. If we have a rich social life and like to meet in larger groups, it’s worth to consider an extendable table. Our offer includes such tables for example in the Breeze series – tables on an interesting column base, perfect for modern interiors, or the Impact table with an asymmetric leg in the form of a cone.

The more classic models are for example the Evora table in the warm color of Sonoma oak which brings some light into interiors, or the Space table with a light top and contrasting dark legs. Whereas, for the living room, where we will relax, read, have guests, and talk while drinking tea, it’s best to choose a coffee table – a bit lower than traditional furniture for the dining room or kitchen. A good choice might be the Wizard table in the beautiful and dark color of antique nut.

In order to fully design our dining or living room, we can not forget about such furniture as chairs, hockers, or cabinets also available in our store. Properly profiled chairs in various styles, colors, and with interesting finishing allow to comfortably relax whenever we need to. However, if we are planning a metamorphosis of our interior and to divide a fashionable bar area with a top located a bit higher – we will select trendy hockers – uniquely designed bar stools. Thanks to this we will create a place with a unique atmosphere, which is surely going to be appreciated by the guests attending our house parties. Cabinets, which can hold all daily used items we always want to have at hand, will also complement the interior design of our rooms.

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