Colour in interiors, which will always be fashionable, part one

Colour in interiors, which will always be fashionable, part one

Colours in interiors mean not only those on walls or the floor. Yes, large surfaces do often define the space but it’s the remaining elements that give it its atmosphere and style. There are colours which, when properly used, accented in specific places and on selected elements, change the character of the space, the optics of perceiving it, add class and elegance, and moreover, make it easier to decorate the space in a selected style. Such colours are the everlasting and timeless: white, graphite, black, and their shades, which constitute the essence of style and class.

Ideal sideboard: See INSPIRATIONS for any interior!

Ideal sideboard: See INSPIRATIONS for any interior!

Sideboards has become one of the most purchased furniture items in the past few years. Due to its versatility, a sideboard can be found in both an elegant living room, the boudoir bedroom or the colourful and energetic children's room! How do you choose the perfect sideboard for the interior to serve you years and not as just a seasonal decoration?

This place is the heart of your home. Learn how to decorate a dining room

This place is the heart of your home. Learn how to decorate a dining room

The dining room is a meeting place for the entire family. Generations interfuse, discussions are carried out, we share our time. Meals are the time to be together. That is why it is worth to devote some attention when designing the interior of our dining room.

Must have this season: Italian design and style in your home

If you want to have durable, beautiful and well-made furniture, Italian furniture is what meets those requirements. According to specialists, these are some of the best products of furniture art that can be bought in the world. There’s a reason for that. Taking care of every detail, carefully selected raw materials and technologies allow you to enjoy these pieces of furniture for many years.

Modern furniture in flat decor

Nowadays, it is important that the flat decor reflects its owner's personality and speaks of whom they are. For those who have developed a taste for modern interior design devoid of unnecessary details, flat decor becomes a symbol of elegance and luxury. Simple and functional space formed through the use of proper materials and enhanced with a little bit of period accessories will produce an original result.

How to choose the right TV stand for a small flat

It's quite hard to imagine a contemporary home without a TV. Whether it's for watching television, streaming online videos or playing video games, TVs have become a central piece for our living rooms

How to effectively clean your furniture

Cleaning furniture is a task the purpose of which may seem to be simple, but it's actually much more important than it may seem at first glance.

Choosing the Right Coffee Table

The coffee table is a small piece of furniture that can make a big difference. We often don't notice how big an impact it can have on our lives, but a carefully selected coffee table can really make things easier. Picking the right one is not a no-brainer, however.

How to Effectively Accessorise a Dining Room

The dining room is an important yet very underrated room in any home. Dining is one of the key elements of our everyday life, and so the dining room is a place for friends and family to gather round, converse, and share moments. But it's not every day that the room is used, and so many people don't take the time to really make it shine.

Waxing Furniture - a Beginner's Guide

There are a variety of options when it comes to finishing wood furniture. It goes without saying that using a sealer is a must, but there's no reasons to stop there. If you want to make sure your finish lasts long and looks nice, it's a good idea to was your furniture. By choosing to apply a coat of wax to your wooden furniture, you can make sure that your finish coat will be safe from any scratches and stains while also adding an elegant sheen to your furniture. You can accomplish that with only a few simple steps.