Colours in interiors mean not only those on walls or the floor. Yes, large surfaces do often define the space but it’s the remaining elements that give it its atmosphere and style. There are colours which, when properly used, accented in specific places and on selected elements, change the character of the space, the optics of perceiving it, add class and elegance, and moreover, make it easier to decorate the space in a selected style. Such colours are the everlasting and timeless: white, graphite, black, and their shades, which constitute the essence of style and class.

Decors, structures, and surfaces which complement the colours in interiors and furniture

A furniture décor constitutes the “face” which makes us immediately fall in love with the piece or makes us indifferent towards it. Just like with people. The initial reaction is extremely significant. The sole colour is not enough. Even the noblest colour is just a flat tint if not properly emphasized or not impacting the senses. It is a very important issue when it comes to furniture. Manufacturers of laminated boards try to make the decors as natural as possible. They try to outrun each other when it comes to representing the identity of wood, traces of use, or the interference of nature on the surfaces of the boards, and all of that to enrich the boards with grandeur and add depth to the colours.

Atlanta II - solid wood wall composition in various wood option

A proper image of the grains, marks left by the saw, or burls combined with abrasions and a wide palette of colours, from white to black, make these timeless colours look spectacular and majestic in interiors and on furniture. Decors combined with shades of white, black, and grey fit perfectly interiors in various styles. Each of them has not only an immense impact on the manner of a complete perception of the interior, but also on the character and style of the piece of furniture or cabinet. Sometimes we do not realize how a décor in a given colour can impact our emotions and wellbeing, when combined with a deep structure or a natural image.

White and its shades, meaning colours present in interiors since ever and for ever

It will never get boring and is going to always look noble. We are talking of course about white. White works perfectly with wood-imitating decors emphasizing the beauty and nobleness of real wood. Burls, cracks, and explicit structures are somehow enhanced and acquire vividness when meeting shades of white in furniture or cabinets. A cabinet or a book case made of wood, juxtaposed with a white wall, warms the interior and gives it a friendly, family-like atmosphere, but also acts in a soothing manner.

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Shades of white constitute also a perfect colour for glass. White, glass cabinet fronts, regardless whether frosted or shining, will visually lighten up the room, give it lightness and class, and apart from that are very practical because it’s easy to adjust them to various interior styles. It’s also a colour which we don’t have to change when deciding to introduce a different interior design, because its naturalness and harmoniousness gives a lot of space to act and does not create contrasts.

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White communicates silence and calmness, allows to relax and ease the mind. Used with cabinets, commodes, and accessories it emphasizes the uniqueness and fineness of Occitan interiors, the naturalness of Scandinavian interiors, as well as the class and sterility of modern and minimalistic rooms. However, it’s always worth juxtaposing it with a different colour because only then it is possible to underline its unique character and timeless beauty...

For one week we will present you another timeless colours. Stay tuned!