How to choose the right TV stand for a small flat

It's quite hard to imagine a contemporary home without a TV. Whether it's for watching television, streaming online videos or playing video games, TVs have become a central piece for our living rooms

How to effectively clean your furniture

Cleaning furniture is a task the purpose of which may seem to be simple, but it's actually much more important than it may seem at first glance.

Choosing the Right Coffee Table

The coffee table is a small piece of furniture that can make a big difference. We often don't notice how big an impact it can have on our lives, but a carefully selected coffee table can really make things easier. Picking the right one is not a no-brainer, however.

How to Effectively Accessorise a Dining Room

The dining room is an important yet very underrated room in any home. Dining is one of the key elements of our everyday life, and so the dining room is a place for friends and family to gather round, converse, and share moments. But it's not every day that the room is used, and so many people don't take the time to really make it shine.

Waxing Furniture - a Beginner's Guide

There are a variety of options when it comes to finishing wood furniture. It goes without saying that using a sealer is a must, but there's no reasons to stop there. If you want to make sure your finish lasts long and looks nice, it's a good idea to was your furniture. By choosing to apply a coat of wax to your wooden furniture, you can make sure that your finish coat will be safe from any scratches and stains while also adding an elegant sheen to your furniture. You can accomplish that with only a few simple steps.

Childproofing a bedroom made easy 

It may seem redundant that children have vastly different needs than functioning adults do, but that's actually very easy to forget when it comes to preparing your home for a child. Childproofing the bedroom is one of the most important steps in that regard. Considering the fact that children spend the majority of their unsupervised time in the bedroom, failing to properly prepare it for that can lead to very serious consequences. In order to make sure the bedroom is free from all hazards to a child, follow this simple guide and find out just how easy childproofing your bedroom can be.

How To Effectively Decorate A Hallway

We often pay little mind to what our home's hallway looks like. It's easy to forget about this space, considering it usually serves no purpose beyond connecting the various rooms together. However, the looks of this particular space can actually have a great effect on the overall ambiance of the home. When not ignored, a hallway can truly make your home feel alive both to yourself, as well as anyone who visits it. Take the time to decorate this small area that at first may seem like a simple pass-through, and you can be rewarded with a home that feels much cosier and more welcoming. Here are a few tips on how to make your hallway stand out.

Fixing a Sticky Drawer

Many of us still appreciate the cosy, rustic feeling wooden drawers provide us with. However, compared to metal and plastic products, they have one flaw that mars that pretty picture - they tend to stick when there's a change in humidity. Don't let that stop your from using wooden drawers if that's what you want, though! Here are a couple simple ways to fix your sticky drawers that can also be applied to doors and windows if they cause any problems!

Choosing a Desk for Kids

It goes without saying that your child needs to have their own desk at home. After all, they need proper conditions to do their homework, use their computer, as well as perform other activities. In general, the same rules apply as when looking for an adult desk - think about the right size, style, and function.

Applying Glaze to Wood Furniture

Who can resist glazed furniture? It's amazing how much of a difference one thin, translucent layer of colour can make when added between two clear wood finishes. It's a fantastic way to recreate the "antique" look for new furniture, as well as provide you with a means to finely control the appearance and colour of your wood. Additionally, unlike other wood-colouring processes, glazing is very easy to grasp and effectively utilise. Here's a quick tutorial on how you can glaze your own wood furniture!