Spray-painting your sofa

Older sofas can be just as eye-catching and beautiful as new ones, but in most cases, after years and years of use, the colour fades, the fabric gets tarnished, and to put it lightly, the sofa loses its lustre. You might think that is the time to throw it away to get rid of it or that someone more needing will use it, but you can actually still breathe new life into it. The way we’re about to describe to you is surprisingly easy!

First of all, you need to select the sofa you want to spray-paint. Make sure everybody that makes use of the sofa is on board with the idea, as the consequences of this will be pretty much permanent. Once you’ve established that, it’s time to determine what colour you want it to become. It’s best to choose a colour that isn’t too wildly different from the original, as you’ll need to put much more effort into drastically altering a sofa’s colour. Because of this, neutral colours work best.

So now that you have everyone’s blessing and have decided on a colour (and also obtained all the paint you need), it’s time to prepare the sofa. Start by cleaning it – professional cleaning is preferable, as professional cleaners have the means to thoroughly clean every last inch of the sofa for you, which is incredibly crucial. Also, if any area of your couch needs fixing, now is your last chance to do it. Then, proceed to cover up all the areas you don’t want to spray-paint with masking tape. You must absolutely cover every last inch of the areas you don’t want to paint, as it’s nearly impossible to remove the paint from those areas later.

So now it’s time for the actual painting! Secure a painting zone – a place where you can paint without fear of damaging any items. Also, make sure that the room is properly ventilated, as paint-vapours can damage your health. Then prepare yourself – rubber gloves are a must, while a respiratory mask certainly won’t hurt even if you’re painting outdoors. Make sure you cover any exposed parts of your body so that you don’t cover them with paint. Before painting the sofa, do a spray test on a part of the piece that is not normally visible. And if everything looks just fine on that area, you’re good to go! Spray away and make your sofa presentable once more!