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Small Kitchen Space-Saving Furniture & Tips
5 MIN READ   |   1 March 2021   |   Arthur Guzowski

Small Kitchen Space-Saving Furniture & Tips


Having a small kitchen might pose some difficulties if you want to remodel it and make it more functional. Luckily, there are many ways to work your way around size limitations and maximise every square inch.

Even the smallest rooms in your house have some hidden space potential. Very often, all it takes is a smart design to make them more spacious and functional.

In this article, we will look at a few helpful tips that can help you create a smart design for your small kitchen. If you wish to incorporate some functional solutions into your kitchen, read on.

Use Built-in Kitchen Storage Trickswhite sideboard with LED lights

Do not underestimate the power of your kitchen cabinets. According to the experts at KTU Franchise, even a small kitchen can boast good-looking and efficient cabinets. Of course as long as they are designed with plenty of built-in storage space solutions and clever space management tricks in mind.

You can incorporate some built-in storage solutions into your design to create more functional space for cooking and storing food.

Some examples you can try:

  • Pull out pantry shelves that are mounted on the wall,
  • Cabinets that have drawers that slide in the middle of the cabinet. It allows maximising each cabinet’s total compartment space,
  • Open shelves and cupboards that allow you to store larger appliances (e.g., microwave, etc.) at a low shelf level. It is giving access to smaller food items at higher levels.

Add Extra Space By Installing a Built-In Wine Rack

A kitchen wine rack is not just for nice restaurants: it’s an excellent storage solution for wine lovers who have limited kitchen storage space available. In fact, one of the best things about having an integrated wine rack is that it frees up a lot of your countertop space for other purposes. This way, you can prevent spilling wine on your counters and keep them clean at all times.

wine rack

Nevertheless, even if you don’t drink wine at all, this solution can be used to store plates. Also, you can put there some frequently used appliances like a mixer or a coffee machine.

Some of the best wine racks for a small kitchen are those that come with pull-out drawers. They allow you to easily access hard to reach bottles and to keep your countertop free from clutter. Especially, when your favourite bottle is already opened. By adding an extra-tall cabinet space into your design, you can also make sure that you have enough vertical storage space for tall wine bottles.

Maximise Your Counter Space With Built-in Storage Areas

When it comes to functionality, the kitchen countertops are one of the most important parts of a small kitchen design. As such, it’s important to find ways in which you can maximise your space. Make sure that your counters are packed with extra features and useful storage solutions instead of being just a flat surface.

a little girl over a sink

Some examples of great built-in storage solutions for your kitchen include:

Built-in work areas made out of granite or wood that add an aesthetically pleasing finish to your countertop. This way, you can create a functional counter space while still being able to keep it neat and clean at all times.

Built-in sinks are some of the most popular ideas in terms of adding extra counter space. Sometimes you have limited space to work with (for example, if you have a very slim granite top island). Then, it might be time to think about installing a custom sink area.

In addition, if your kitchen has an inset window, you should take advantage of its natural light! Try installing a glass sink right under it so that you can enjoy watching the sunset while doing dishes!

Built-in cooking areas provide a great place for storing appliances and cookware. They don’t clutter up your cabinets once they are not needed anymore. You should also consider including built-in ovens in your design if you want to achieve maximum efficiency. Some kitchens now include islands with built-in ovens. So, if you have one in your home already, there is no need to change anything!

Furthermore, if having an oven on your island is not possible, you still have options. Look into installing one in another location in the room (e.g., near the back wall). The general idea is to ensure that all spaces in your kitchen are utilised properly and efficiently.

Add Extra Storage Space By Using The Wall

a kitchen wall with a shelf

It’s always useful to have some extra storage space. You can do several things to make your kitchen a more functional and efficient place, but space utilisation is one of the main factors that will make the most impact. In fact, the most important thing to remember when planning a functional cabinet design for your small kitchen is that you should make sure that all of your cabinets are as densely packed as possible.

Some examples include:

  • Built-in pull-out baskets and shelves are a great way to add extra space. As long as you get good quality materials, they can prove extremely useful and take up very little counter space. Furthermore, if the bottom basket is large enough, there is room to keep small appliances like microwaves and toaster ovens! This makes it yet another clever idea for maximising every inch of usable storage space in your small kitchen.
  • Built-in drawers and cabinets are generally very useful because they allow you to get all your items out of sight until they are needed again. If you have an extra-tall kitchen island with enough built-in area available, consider using it in this way! Some cabinets could be great for storing commonly used cooking ingredients. However others could be great for storing silverware or baking utensils!

Try Using Vertical Storage Solutions To Enlarge Your Kitchen Space

Many kitchens have a lot of unused wall space available. This can be put into good use in terms of storing more dishes and cookware or larger appliances and other items that need their own dedicated storage space.

Oak display cabinet

  • If you have a very tall island or cabinet, make sure that you take advantage of the extra height to store the tallest item in your kitchen.
  • If you have a window in your kitchen, consider installing some cabinets next to it. By doing so, you can use them for storing everyday items (e.g., baking ingredients and other things that need to be stored at room temperature). Windows are an excellent source of natural lighting. They are also large enough to give you plenty of storage space for anything that needs to be stored there.
  • Even if you do not have a tall window available, there might still be some other alternative ways to add vertical storage into your design (e.g., a tall cabinet behind your sink area).

If you want to make sure that your cabinets look extra-functional without any extra cost, try incorporating some pull-out shelves and drawers into the design. This way, you can easily pull out equipment from your cabinets without having to worry about stumbling over surfaces or drawers.

Furthermore, items stored on these shelves will not be visible from the outside unless they are pulled out fully! If done right, this can be one of the best ways of maximising your wall space and getting things organised so that your small kitchen is as functional as possible.


There is no need to give up functionality when designing a small kitchen. If done right, it takes less time and effort than designing a large kitchen because all the work is focused on getting as much space as possible out of every tiny corner in the room but without losing any visual appeal.

After reading this article, we hope that you now know how to ensure that your kitchen, as small as it might be, will allow you to store all the cookware and kitchen utensils comfortably.

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